Moving from 10 to 20-gallon betta tank, best QUIET filter, air pump, heater etc?


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HI y'all! I have a betta, Simon, in a 10-gallon tank on a shelf that is open, long-side, to two rooms. He's happy as a clam. I had no intention of adding to my fish family but made the mistake of going to PetCo and saw the little betta cups, and, well, now I have a "rescue" rose gold betta named "Ted" and his current 2-gallon hospital tank is not going to work long term. So I was thinking of moving Simon to a 20-gallon and Ted to the 10-gallon.

Here's the thing...after most of a year of trial and error and making mistakes and wasting so much money, I've got the 10-gallon situation worked out pretty well. I got a Marina 10-gallon kit because I didn't know what I was doing and over time I've modified it to work how I like it. I threw away the cheap black plastic lid with light that came with the kit and made my own sliding glass flat top that allows waay more access to the tank and my fish, with a separate clip-on light, not pictured (I'll post photos). I added a Cobalt Neotherm 50-watt heater and that thing is a champ - love it! Hated all the other heaters, this one is the best. I added a weighted air bubbler with a Hygger air pump and though it's a bit loud it works well. I kept the Marin Slim15 filter and I like that I can change out one filter at a time to preserve the bacteria. I moved it to the short side though bc the way my tank is, the long side is open to two rooms so only the short sides have wall behind them (photos).

My question is, how do I replicate this system I finally figured out but with a tank twice the size? I want everything the same but equipped to handle a 20-gallon. Any advice/suggestions?

Thank you for reading, appreciate any help from you Fishlore peeps!




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An Aquaclear 20 would be really silent and theyre easy to baffle if you find your betta struggles with the current.

Other things, youd have to be as creative as you were with the 10 gallon for the 20


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If you only need a bit of air, the USB air pump Aquarium Co-op sells is cheap and quiet. If you need more air, the Fluval air pumps are incredibly quiet in my experience. I've had the Fluval Q2 for over a year now and it's as quiet as the day I got it. You can't really hear it unless you're right next to the thing.

For a heater, I think the best choice is to just get a second 50 watt Neotherm heater. Two smaller heaters work just as well, if not better than one large heater.

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