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    I'm moving house for a few months while building works are happening on the current one. A friend has agreed to take on my fish during the move as we have no space for them in the new place and the house will not be suitable with all the building and nobody being there to care for them.

    My friend lives around a 40 minute drive away. I've got 5 cardinal tetras, 6 black tetras, a small guppy and a few shrimp in a 37l tank. (I know it's a tad oberstocked- i've cut down a bit, do you all think I should keep cutting down? health-wise they don't have any problems). i keep the tank at 24-26 degrees celcius, components including heater, filter and light.

    I've also got a few plants in there but I'm gonna chuck a couple of them as the shrimp have more or less destroyed them.

    anyway, question is, how will I go about moving them? it'll (hopefully) be by car, and I know the journey's not too long so should I not bother with getting the filter and heater going in the tank during the move? I'm going to give the tank a good clean a few days before the move (today), I've been thinking of getting transport plastic bags for the fish, but would it be better to just keep them in the main tank- I just want to cause them as little trauma as possible.
    If I do keep them in the main tank, I'd have to emtpty it to about half quantity and I'm afraid it'd splash around too much.
    also, should I keep as much water in the tank as possible?

    thanks for any help!
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    Yes, you should keep cutting the stock down. You're not just a tad bit overstocked, you're very overstocked !

    As for your main question, you can do it either way honestly. I'd put them in bags just to minimize the splashing and to ensure the tank doesn't crack from being on an uneven surface. You should retain 50% of the tank's water in buckets, it should only take you one bucket since your tank is very small. Empty your tank, net your fish, fill a 5 gallon bucket up with the tanks water and place the filter media and other decor in it. Immediately start setting your tank up once you get to your friend's house. Also, ensure you re-temperature acclimate your fish as its likely the water temp will drop.
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    okay, another friend is planning on getting fish and so I'll give my black neon tetra shoal to her if I think her tank is suitable etc.
    I made a mistake in the original thread! they're black neon tetras not black tetras, yes that would be way overstocked!! I'll cut down anyway of course, but its not as bad as I made it out at first.
    As for moving, I've got some large transport bags from my local pet store, so I'll divide the fish into those and put them in a dark container, and I think I'll keep the shrimp in a bag with the plants, as they'll want more hiding space.
    I intend to keep more than 50% by putting 40% in my bucket (that's what fits) and leaving 30% or so in the tank, which I will seal closed for the journey. It shouldn't make much mess as I've very thoroughly siphoned the gravel etc.

    I'm saying all of this as if I've decided everything, but what I'm trying to ask is does this sound like an okay plan?
    How long would you say the fish could be kept in the bags? I've got about six large bags, they'd easily fit 6 neon/cardinal tetras in each but should I keep less in each bag to save oxygen, or do you think this won't be an issue? the journey is now an hour due to roadworks.

    Thanks so much for your help!