Moving fish?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by swimfan, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. swimfan

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    I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on moving fish. It turns out that we will be moving soon for my husband's work, and it will quite probably be about a 6-hour drive to our new home. I've been thinking that I should find a new home for my skirts here so I don't have to drive them all that way in 1/3 tank of water. THey've been through a lot already with the whole tank cycling ordeal..... has anyone ever successfully moved fish before? If so, HOW is it done? Or do you think I should just find a good home for them prior to moving?  :'(
  2. Gunnie

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    I've bagged fish the day before and then travelled home 500+ miles and the fish were fine. What you can do is bag the fish just before you leave and take a portable aerator if you want to aerate the water every couple of hours if they need it.
  3. OP

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    Thanks a lot Justin & Gunnie....... I'll do some reading and decide where to go from there. I've got a few friends with aquariums, and I'm kind of leaning toward that way. In which case, I'll set up brand new again in our new home, and do a fishless cycle!
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    There was another topic somewhere very recently about someone moving fish. Does anyone know where it is? (I'm "finding challenged" :p) I think it might help you swimfan.