Moving fish to different tanks

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HI everyone have been thinking and researching this sorority idea,SO...
Here's my plan
Move my 2 male guppies to the 5 gallon.
Move my 4 female Betta's to the 29 gallon with my 4 female guppies.
Move my 4 male Betta's to the 2- 10 Gallon tanks (Divided)
Move my 4 Ghost Shrimp(from 29 Gallon) in with Male Betta's (1 each)
I will first add Taller/floating plants to the 29 gallon so it's more heavily planted and more hiding and resting places,Release all females at the same time (with hubby's help)So no one girls there first,there all younger than 4 months,I'm off work for the next 2 day's so I can keep a close eye in case any thing goes horribly wrong,
If need be they can always go back where they were to begin with.
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!Wish me luck!
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Good luck shellbell,

I guess if you're going to try a sorority, it's a good thing you're home from work and have a back up plan.

Good luck and let us know how your girls do.
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Good luck with that, hope it works for you
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A sorority is very risky and most do fail but I think your odds are better without fast, active fish like guppies.
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ok ,I have made the switch,The Guppies were all hanging at the top for a while,But have started coming around now.I haven't seen a single flare!!Ripley and Dallas seem to be hanging around together and Vasquez and Bonnie are doing there own thing exploring around the tank They pass each other by with out incident so far!As I said I'm off for the next couple of days and will keep a close eye on everyone.
I'm hoping this will work out as I would love for my girls to be closer to me without having to view them in another room as the evening is tv time(like I watch it anyway)
Keeping my fingers crossed Wish me luck!
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I've been thinking about a sorority for a while, but I can't buy anymore fish (according to my mother) So, I'm stuck with what I got.

I hope your tanks work out!

If bettas could be kept together, think of all the awesome tanks we could get! My 55 gal would hold like, 20 bettas!
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It's been about 6 hours and everything seems to be going well so far,Bonnie and Vasquez have there stress colors on somewhat...but I suspose they would even if I had moved them to a empty new tank,I can't tell with Dallas and Ripley as they are both flesh colored But they seem happy with all the room to swim in The Guppies are behaving like there normal selfs,Still keeping my fingers crossed and watching them all closely!!How I would love for this to work out!!!
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I am glad everything is OK with your sorority! I hope your fishes are happy exploring new places.
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Sorority Update

Ok, It's been well over 24 hours and everyone's doing just fine!!!
All are doing well (with the exception of Vasquez who might have eggs or is badly bloated)
Anyway everyone is acting like normal including the Guppies,There all doing normal fishy things like... playing in the bubbles,grazing on the algae,swimming to the top to greet me when I walk up to the tank
I'm still keeping a close eye on all of them,and I still haven't seen a single flare or anyone chasing anyone,The Betta girls swim by and around each other without incident.
I'm wondering if they really know there Betta's (LOL)
I will keep you all up to date.
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SO far so good. 29 gallon is a good size to start with. Heather has one that size too and her girls have been getting along famously.
When I try the 33g, I am going to try to get really young females and make sure that they all are true sisters. I will wait & see what some of the betta breeders have for stock around here. I am going to get a bunch more plants too.
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yea!!Keep me posted on that will you,How's Holly doing today?
I'm so excited and hopeful that this will work out for them and Me,I think the fact that mine were all fairly young probably helped some,and they all seem to be pretty mellow compared to my boys that is I'm really enjoying the flashes of color in the tank now, With Bonnie's Blue (wich is the most vibrant it has ever been)and Vasquez's and Ripley's red fins!I also added some of that hamster type tubing but mine doesn't float but they seem to enjoy it regardless
Keeping my eyes on them and my fingers crossed!!
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Good luck!
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Sorority Update

All is well this morning Additionally Vasquez is looking like a normal Betta girl I guess the peas and fasting did the trick I also made some changes in the decor and everyone seems to approve
Check it out!!
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That is cute looking. Pink plants for girls.
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Quick Update,
Everyone is doing just fine,I did see Ripley and Bonnie kind of dancing the other day but it was over as quick as it started,I have decided to heed CoBettaCouple's advise and move the remaining Guppies to another tank(a girlfriend is going to take a few of them as well)
Everyone is acting like normal betta girls... I am so happy!!But Cautious!
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A week later and all is well!!!!I'm guessing if there was going to be a problem I would have seen a sign by now.They're all getting along just fine, swimming next to each other,eating together,hanging together,Vasquez is a little piggy though
I saw a cluster of snail eggs the other day and went in to skwish it and they all came over and nibbled on me (LOL)

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