Moving everything from one tank to another

I am considering upgrading my generic 10 gallon tank to a 12 gallon Eclipse. I am wondering what I would be getting myself into. My major concern is the recycle time. I do not want my fish in an uncycled tank but it is also not practical to for me to run both tanks for any length of time due to space restrictions.

I would need to move my Flourite substrate and I'm sure I will have to rinse it some to get most of any old waste and plant matter out of it. Obviously I would probably lose some bacteria in there but I don't know how much or if it can be avoided.

I would like to be able to use my biological filter pad to help seed the new tank with bacteria, but I don't know if there is any place in the Eclipse filtration system to temporarily incorporate it.

Has anyone make such a transfer before, and how long did the tank to cycle.
take as much as you can from the old tank..even just take the sponge filter and put it in the new one...if you can get all or most of the existing tanks media, decorations, even water, it shouldnt take no time at all..its only two gallons...I wouldnt rinse anything tho or your sure to start a minI cycle ...goodluck and congrats on the upgrade!
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I'm not familiar with the Eclipse system, but you could hang (or bury) your used filter pad, or a peice of it in the new tank.
If you rinse your substrate in old tank water, you shouldn't lose that much bacteria, if any. Just don't let it dry out or get cold.

Good luck with the move, you'll do fine.
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The Eclipse system uses a bio-wheel type filtration so I know the sponge media won't be compatible but I'm sure I can put it in the tank somewhere for awhile. One of the reasons for the new tank is the superior filtration, also superior lighting, my generic hood is limited to 16" lights, also my tank is visible from both sides so having everything in the hood would be nice. I will probably give my old set-up to a girlfriend along with my 2 platys, and make the new one a special home for Angelina, Drew, and Halley (my 3 betta girls) and a lot of plants.

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