Moving Danio's from heated to non heated tank

  1. ravenxcore Well Known Member Member

    I'm in need of some information on how to do this. I currently have 5 longtail zebra danio's in my community tank, the tank is heated and stays between 75 - 77 degree's at all times. I would like to move them into my 35 gal goldfish tank (fully cycled) (which only has two fancy goldfish, and plenty of filtration to handle the new fish) My goldfish tank is not heated, and usually maintains a temperature of between 65 - 69 degree's.

    I was considering doing one of three things...

    1) On my next water change add warmer water to the goldfish tank to increase the temperature to around 70 - 72 degrees, add the danios, and than let the temperature even out again to it's normal 65 - 69 degrees over the next few days so it's not a dramatic change...

    2) Drop the temperature by a few degree's on my community tank, maybe down to 72 degrees and than add them to the goldfish tank.

    3) Add a heater for a short period of time to the goldfish tank until the water reaches around 74-75 degrees and than put the danios in and slowly reduce the temperature until it reaches it's normal 65-69 degrees before removing it...

    any suggestions about if this is the right way to go about doing this. I don't want to shock my fish by sudden temperature changes.
  2. internet13 Initiate Member

    Ok, first of all. Danios need heaters, 76 degrees is a good temperature for them (I always keep my danios at that temp) And 2nd, Danios and goldfish aren't compatible since goldfish need a PH of at least 7.5 and Zebras need at least 6.7-7.0, 6.8 is best. If you can, and i really am insisting, Keep your danios where they are. Best of luck

  3. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    A better choice might be something like White Cloud Mountain fish, which will be fine in a cool water tank (actually will have better colour), and are quite adaptable to Water parameters. Best, rick
  4. ravenxcore Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately I dont have white cloud minnows... I have longfin danios

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  5. delta5 Well Known Member Member

    Are you doing anything to alter the ph or hardness of the two tanks? If not then don't worry about ph and hardness. Temp wise don't change it on the goldfish. My fear would be if your danios got stressed enough from a lower temp to cause infections that could spread to your goldfish. Is rehoming the danios an option?
  6. ravenxcore Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately my only re homing options are the goldfish tank and my 10 gal betta tank (NO) lol

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    I gave read and heard from quite a few sources that zebra danios can be cold water fish as well

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  7. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    Yes, I had sort of thought that was the case, just throwing out an idea--rick

    Actually, as I've never kept them as less than tropical temp's, I didn't really consider the idea of treating them as cool water fish.
    After checking a couple of other sites, I see that some people do keep them at temp's ranging down to 65 degrees, so I do apologize for my error.
    One thing to bear in mind, however, is that many fish that have been bred into fancy types tend to be a little less hardy then their original looking counterparts, but best of luck, and sorry for my mistake.---rick

  8. ravenxcore Well Known Member Member

    I realize my response sounded a bit rude, so I apologize for that :) I actually was able to capture two of my danios tonight and after doing a 12 gal water change on my goldfish tank and putting in water that was slightly warmer I added the two danios so far. They seem to be fine ao far (only been a few hours) and im going to make an attempt later at getting the other three but they are speedy lil buggers! Anybody have experience with cherry barbs and goldfish as well? Im converting my community tank to an almost all cory tank. I just cant get enough of there Wiggles ♡

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  9. ravenxcore Well Known Member Member

    update - all my danio's have been in my goldfish tank for two days now, all seem to be doing well, playing there usual chasing games. =)