Moving And My 45 Gallon

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    Hello all! In a few months I'll be moving from my 5th floor apartment into my own house (hooray!!). I read up on moving my 45 Gallon ( and smaller 5 gallon) and was mentally preparing for it all. However, within the last three months I've tried to transition my tank from plastic plants to fully planted. I have a large piece of driftwood as the main focus of the tank, terracotta pots, and some plants. I attempted to put Fluorite mixed with the gravel I already had but it didn't end up looking too nice. I was ready to just take it apart and move it all and put it back together as-is but now I'm rethinking this. Can I rescape, put down Fluorite and cap with different gravel, and move things around? Would this cause even more stress/ would I lose too significant amount of beneficial bacteria if I just scrap all my current substrate?
    Also... any tips for working with what I already have? :) Or some low cost improvements to my decor? I'm a single mum and have put a lot of money into a new 5 gallon shrimp tank lately, and with my home purchase my cash flow is very limited :)!
    Thanks for all the input!

    Edit: also meant to include a picture! 20180618_153817.jpg
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    The BB mainly lives in your filter so you should be fine