Mouth fungus

  1. Olivia67

    Olivia67 Valued Member Member

    I just removed my Betta from his 10 gallon, because he wasn't moving, just lying halfway under a starfish. He looks disgusting. He was pink/purple, and now he's gray. I haven't been feeding him, but he's still bloated. I just treated him in a separate tank, along with the 10 gal with this stuff. I did the 10 because I have 2 mollies in there, and one has developed mouth fungus. I feel so bad making him suffer, but I'm hoping he can pull through.
  2. P

    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    He's in a 10g with 2 mollies?

    What are your parameters? What are you testing with? How often do you do water changes and how much? (%)
  3. OP

    Olivia67 Valued Member Member

    I do 25% water change. I just tested and my ph is high so I but in some stuff to lower it
    Other than that it's good.

    Water changes once a week.