Most Docile Betta Ever?

  1. AshleyBetta

    AshleyBetta Well Known Member Member

    Hi guys! I haven't dropped by this section in a while; just thought I'd stop in and share some of my experiences :)

    Turns out I have the most docile betta ever! After keeping him "temporarily" in the 55 gallon with the 6 inch pleco and having zero problems whatsoever, I thought I'd give him a chance to see if he would tolerate more active tankmates. I recently added in some small schools of cardinal and ember tetras. I watched with a net ready as betta chased around his new tankmates a bit, but there was no nipping at all and he lost interest within five minutes. No problems thereafter.

    Today I dropped by the LFS to pick up a few more tetras. Alas, I ended up with no tetras, but instead brought home a gorgeous female gold gourami. Now of course I would have to move betta into a waiting 2.5 gallon, right? I put him in the breeding box while I placed in the gourami, purely for experiment. He noticed her right away, but there was no flaring at all, and she seemed to care less about him. After about fifteen minutes of this I thought, hey, might as well give it a shot. So, hovering over the tank with a net ready, I set him loose. He followed her around with suspicion for a bit, but she hardly gave him a sideways glance. He flared a couple times, but if she moved even slightly he would go darting to the other side of the tank while she went about her day. Now both are swimming about happily, and if they happen to cross paths they barley even acknowledge the other. Frankly I was more worried about her attacking him than anything, but apparently I just got lucky with two very docile fish.

    I am very happy with my betta included community tank!
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Sounds like he's doing well & behaving, keep an eye on him though just in case.
  3. W

    Wildside Valued Member Member

    Betta's really are one of these fish where there's not one 'set rule' about tank mates. I personally had one who was housed with guppies and didn't even eat the fry and another who I had to remove from his tank because he was chasing my neon tetras.

    If you looked hard enough, you could probably find a fish which was so docile it could be housed with pretty much anything and another which would be so aggressive as to even take on large cichlids.

    I'm glad yours is doing okay though.