Most Difficult Fish

Greetings Brethren,

My name is Nate. I've got a few on my list to begin with like Moorish Idols, Multibar Butterflyfish, Achilles Tang, and Rainbow Eels. I'm looking for more notoriously delicate fish. What are some fish or corals you've find to be nearly impossible to keep? My goal is to use the channel to educate others on how to care for expert level fish. Thanks!

Also, I'm not looking for something outrageously big. Obviously something like an Arapaima is difficult because of its sheer size. I'm looking for fish that are difficult based on diet, water quality, and temperament.

I'm also interested in difficult freshwater fish.
Some freshwater ones...

Discus, farlowella genus catfish, certain larger cichlids... those are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

I have experience only with farlowella. Ive got one myself and hes an awesome fish, but they can be delicate in terms of getting them to eat because they're slow, clumsy, and easily out competed--plus theyre herbivores so the wrong diet isn't good for them either... very sensitive to water parameters, they need it pristine but also can't handle large water changes. They do best with smaller more frequently changed water. Many similar species in the same genus, all with slightly differing temperature ranges and sizes.

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Thanks! I hadn’t considered farlowella. That’s just the sort of fish I’m after.
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