Most anticipated for rest of 2015?


I've purchased far less games this year. So far only Bloodborne and Mortal Kombat X. I'm a console gamer at heart btw.

I have Batman Arkham Knight on pre-ordered, aside from that what I plan to get the rest of the year:

Mad Max (depending on reviews)
God of War 3 Remastered
Metal Gear Solid V
Star Wars Battlefront
Rise of Tomb Raider
Until Dawn

I'm keeping an eye on Halo 5, and may if I need to use more Xb1 more but I am WAY more interested in Gears of War Remastered coming next year.


I keep hearing that Red Dead Rebellion (Red Dead Redemption 2) is coming out this fall. I've already put it on my Christmas wish list. That's the only title I'm excited about at the moment.


Star Wars Battlefront 3!!! Definitely getting that one.


I have them all pre-ordered now lol. Except Rise of TR which wasn't available at my Gamestop.

I have a feeling they'll be more reserves after E3. I'm looking forward to it, happens less than a week.

Add The Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection to my list. There will be no MP in it, just the single player campaigns. I shall enjoy playing through them again, platting them. With better graphics and added SP trophies. Will be perfect to prepare me for UC4 next year,


I'm adding Fallout 4 to the list


Definitely Fallout 4. Huge Fallout fan as well as Bethesda in general.

I have heard some discouraging things about the coming Star Wars Battlefront.

Also contemplating The Elder Scrolls Online...I am very torn when it comes to gaming online however. Sometimes I enjoy it and other times I hate it.


No Man's Sky! PLease if you have not heard of it LOOK IT UP! Its getting allot more hype recently but still does not seem to get as much talk as others.


Forza 6 and battlefront

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I was unaware Stick of Truth is getting a sequel!!!!!

No Man's Sky impressed me, It's been on my radar.


Always been a huge Final Fantasy fan ever since that one fateful day I bought FFVII back in high school. So I can't wait for the 15th installment to come out. The graphics look awesome on PS4.



XB1 - gotta be Halo 5 and Formula One 2015

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