Moss refuses to stay alive (SOS)

Is there any reason I can't keep Java or Christmas Moss alive?
I've tried at least four times and it just dies slowly, completely brown.
I can grow subwassertang with no issue. Thoughts? (I don't want to add CO2, at least not at this point in the hobby).
I've done experiments with one batch of moss I had where I dosed liquid CO2 but I wasn't very good at keeping that up.

Here's the light I have on my 30 gallon tank:

Here's the light I have in my 5 gallon:

I have a 10 gallon with RO water. I won't list that below but I can only manage to keep one single string of christmas moss alive for the past two month (and subwassertang). The christmas moss is just getting longer, not really spreading out.
I love mosses, I want more! Any advice is appreciated!

Note: I've tried sticking into the substrate (that's been my best success), I've loosely tied it to drift wood, I've tried super gluing it to rocks and I've also tried clipping the steel mesh they give you to the tank (mid-level).

My parameters are:
(tap water based)
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5
GH: 7 in 5 gallon, 9 in 30 gallon (will be using RO water eventually to match at 7)
KH: 4
TDS: 320 in 5 gallon and 450 in 30 gallon (will be using RO water to drop both down to about 300 ppm-- consistency is key haha)
PH: 7.5
Phosphates: 0-.25
Temp: 76 in 30 gallon and 78 in 5 gallon
I’d love the answer to this. I can keep 40 other plant species alive but can’t manage grass or moss.
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