Moss For Red Cherry Shrimp?

  1. Cazeil Member Member


    I bought this moss for my 10 gallon tank in preparation for red cherry shrimp. Do I just let it float like this? Do I tie it to something to weight it down? Do I break it up and spread it out? Will it grow or remain roughly the same size? Thanks!
  2. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    It will grow, however if portions aren't receiving enough light they will die off.
    You can leave it floating or you can (meticulously and painfully) tie it or glue it down to driftwood or rocks. You can also use mesh and make a carpet or a wall.
    If you break it up, it will look pretty sparse, but like I said it should grow in no time and fill in
    (Completely unrelated, not sure if I should giggle or be concerned every time I see your profile picture )

  3. Cazeil Member Member

    Thanks for the help! The "Funny" rating was, of course, because of your last comment about my profile. You should laugh! You should always laugh, and it sounds like you do. I've not been in a particularly good mood today and your comment really helped me. Thank you.

    About receiving enough light, I don't have a light in this tank and it isn't in a particularly light room. Sounds like I should consider full spectrum lighting for it?
  4. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Always glad to maje someones day
    A light on the tank wouldn't hurt, it would help you see all your cute shrimp too

  5. Cazeil Member Member

    Agree! They ARE so cute. I am very excited.
  6. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    I hope everything goes well and your day/week/month/year goes better!!!!