Moss Divider?


I was thinking that in my divided betta tank that I would have moss grow on the divider. My question are:

1) Will water still be able to pass between the dividers?
2) Will moss grow in the small holes on the divider?
3) What type of moss would be best to use?



I'm no plant expert, but my gut instinct says that it would interrupt the water flow too severely, and one side of your tank won't get sufficient water flow.

If this is wrong, good ol' java moss works a treat on moss walls, as does (is it?) flame moss.

I would definitely wait for more opinions though. I like your thinking by the way!
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Not to original. I like the idea of moss walls. And its generally not good for bettas to see each other so I figured I would combine them


Christmas moss or Taiwan moss is better for moss walls than flame. I'd go with the Christmas moss, personally. I don't think enough water would move through it, but maybe if you got large mesh it would work. Maybe try moss ropes hung next to each other like columns on either side of the divider. It seems like more water would flow that way.



I have a filter in each compartment of my divided 20G long for my bettas, which is divided three ways. In my opinion, the water doesn't circulate enough anyway without each getting their own filter. If you do this, it won't matter how thick your moss wall grows!

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