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Hey everyone!

Yesterday my sister and I found these really cool fish in our dam, we captured a few with the net and put them in plastic bags with water. We got a lot of different sizes but mostly they were about 4 cms long and about ten tiny little babies.
We then put them in a 25 liter fish tank that we weren't using and the tiny little babies in a breeders net so they wouldn't get eaten. So far they are going quite well but don't no how to eat they food I am giving them (freeze dried bloodworms, flakes etc.).
I did some research today and found out they were called Mosquitofish and they are livebearers, which didn't surprise me because they look a bit like plainer guppies.
So I was just wondering if anyone has had any expierence with them and if they would be alright to put in with my coldwater tank. And if I could sell them to fishstores (just a note; I live in Australia).

Any info at all would be apreciated greatly!


We have them here in the fishhouse.
They are hardy outdoors here as well.

Treat them like guppies, though at a cooler temperature, and they should do fine.

They can be housed indoors with no heater just fine.


Just be careful because they will breed and breed and breed and breed!

They are a very close relative of guppies and are very hardy fish. They can mate with guppies, but their offspring might not last too long.........Yup, I think you can sell them to the store.

Good luck!



I am a biology student who is interested in doing research on the grazing behavior of MosquitoFish. I have 6 ten gallon tanks and was wondering how many fish can be put in each of the tanks (ie: can I put 8-10 fish in each tank)? I have seen, from my research, that they need a minimum of ten gallons, but it doesn't specify how many fish can comfortably be in a 10 gallon tank. Also, I was wondering how much each fish needs to be fed - in terms of grams (ie: 1 gram of flake food per fish) and if they can just be fed once a day? From all the research I have done, they seem like very hardy fish, which can survive in a lot of different environments.

Any additional information on this would be very helpful.

Thank you


Welcome to fishlore!

Probably 2-4 maximum. They would be ok in a 10 gallon but 20-30 gallons would be so much better
Were you looking at the western mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) or the eastern mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki) or another type altogether?
Once or twice a day would be good


WELCOME to Fishlore!!!

The most you can do is 5! Although they can survive a lot of different environments you still want to give them the best! Although this goes for Gambusia affinis


Gambusia holbrooki
Thank you! And I will just be studying the behavior of just Gambusia affinis and not Gambusia holbrooki


Ok I wouldn't have too many then, females reach 7.5cm


Are these males or females? Females do get bigger so you will be able to have less! I would do males instead


Males may bicker and squabble though


Thank you all! Do you have any other suggestions for fish I could use? I would like to have at least 7-8 fish for each tank - and I already have the 6 tanks. They need to be omnivores, survive at neutral pH and temp of around 68 f. They also need to be relatively cheap ($1-2) only because I'm working with limited grant funds.


Hmmm, not many fish that you can have 7-8 of. CPDs maybe? They would need slightly warmer water.
Here's a really good listStocking options for 10 gallons


You're welcome! Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions


Endlers are probably the perfect option!


One final question. How often do you suggest I clean the tanks? Should 50% of the water be replaced every week?


50% would be great! What fish have you decided on?


The Mosquitofish! I think I will be able to have 9 tanks instead of 6 so I'll have enough data if I have 9 tanks with 5 fish each. Thank you so so very much for all the help! I'm excited about starting the project.


I have a few mosquito fish I caught in a nearby pond, and have been rasing them, because why not. But I have no food. How long can they go without food? I can get some flakes soon, but until then I'm stumped. I caught them 3 days ago, and have identified them as pregnant females.
(theres 3)

I'm not planning on keeping the fry, so one they are born, they can be eaten by the mothers. But will they survive to that point?


A couple days to a week should not be a problem.


Also, no loss if they all die. They're an invasive pest in most places, and here at least you can be fined and put in jail for possessing or distributing them.


Just did a google of these fish there's some mad history on them they are cool never heard of them till I seen this thread.


Feed them what they eat in their natural habitat

Bruxes and Bubbles

I agree with the first answer. They can go a week without eating easily. They will munch on boiled carrots and blanched greens or cucumber if you have that in your house to feed them, though.


Please can someone tell me if this is a mosquito fish or a guppy and if she’s pregnant. If she is pregnant how far on is she? I’m new to this. These are rescues - they were going to be detroyed because they were being aggressive so I quickly bought a tank and tried to do the right thing.
If this mosquito fish (or guppy) is pregnant I’d like to know.


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I’m not sure but I think it’s a guppy. If so your about a week or a lil longer until it give birth

its gambusia habrocky the wild guppy in Australia they are not allowed they are a pest its best to keep them away from other guppys as the wilds ones carry illnesses

it will give birth in 28 days


Good job rescuing them!

I can't tell for sure, but I'd lean towards mosquitofish. That would also explain the "aggressive" behavior, since mosquitofish tend to be nippy and female guppies typically are pretty peaceful (unlike male guppies which are sex-crazed demons lol). Either way, she does look pregnant so if nothing else wait for her male fry to develop and they'll be easier to identify


These are gambusia holbrookI (so yes, mosquitofish). And yes, she's pregnant.
Don't combine them with guppies. Otherwise, you'll regret it for they can be nippy on the elongated fins of other fish (like bigtailed guppies for example).

well said emeraldking I said the same

Jimothy K

So, I went out today and caught some wild mosquito fish to be quarantined. I thought it would be fun to do a look on them. Also, if you want to explain in the thread that would be cool. I'm kinda bored.


Gambusia affinis or is there some other kind?

Jimothy K

Gambusia affinis or is there some other kind?

I love them. They make great pets, and sometimes feeders and fish bait for bluegill.


I love them. They make great pets, and sometimes feeders and fish bait for bluegill.
The lake near my house has a marsh like area and using a net you can catch them by the hundreds.

Jimothy K

The lake near my house has a marsh like area and using a net you can catch them by the hundreds.
At my house there is a small natural marsh that turned into a pond when a farmer dug a lake nearby, and you can see thousands of them, just schooling in the center, because there are no predators I guess.

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