Mosquito Fish Pregnant Or Obese?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by faithapaul1, Apr 11, 2018.

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    A9EA39A4-219D-4E44-8687-BDC231692F02.jpeg E10E0BC9-5EE5-4ADF-BE7D-08A23850BB4D.jpeg 8A6F30DE-1412-48CD-9874-2B7248C7F3F9.jpeg Hi guys,
    My mosquito fish has been absolutely gigantic for a few weeks now. I know they can delay pregnancy if they feel threatened but no males are around except for two mollies. She’s not acting like she’s pregnant, looking for hiding spots and nipping other fish. She’s just ravenous and keeps getting larger and larger.

    The other day I came home at night and turned the light on. It immediately looked like her abdomen was bright pink. I’ve read that can be from babies turning around in the dark. Once the light goes on they turn forward again and the abdomen turns grey.

    I don’t know how accurate that is, but her abdomen and gravid spot did go back to being grey.

    I’m only getting worried because last night her gravid spot looked yellow and today it still looks a bit off color.

    The tank parameters are perfect. She’s swimming around and seems so healthy, but she literally has been this big for a few weeks now! What’s going on? The pictures really don’t do her size justice!
  2. lilabug4545 Well Known Member Member

    That's definitely a pregnancy!
  3. faithapaul1 Valued Member Member

    Right?! That’s what I’m leaning towards but how long can she withhold her babies? Im worried her health will decline since she’s been like this for so long!
  4. Triston Wasmund Well Known Member Member

    I don’t think a few weeks is something to worry about. My guppy gets pregnant every month, gave birth on February 2nd, March 5, and now April 9, and I think she was pregnant for a couple weeks. Now if it’s been more than a month she’s looked like that then there could be a problem. Make sure you have cover for her to hide in, as pregnancy is always a stressful thing. My guppy always hides behind the heater, because it is darker in that corner. Let me know what you think

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