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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by fishfanatic15, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. fishfanatic15

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

    Okay so to add a little history...
    My tank has been up for about 3ish weeks
    I didn't know about cycling when i got it.
    Last week my water had 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and about 10 nitates ( there are nitrates in my tap)
    I had to leave my tank for a week ( I had no choice)
    Now my ammonia is back up to 0.50 to 1.00ppm
    I did a big water change of about 80%
    My ammonia is now 0.25 to 0.50 ppm
    Whats going on and what should I do?
    The fish all seem fine
    Yes, I do use water conditioner (prime)
  2. peregrine

    peregrineValued MemberMember

    Is this with fish in it or no fish?
  3. Charles556

    Charles556Valued MemberMember

    Do you know if you have chloramine in your tap water? Many water suppliers add the compound because it is a lot more stable than chlorine. The reason why I ask is because Prime is infamous for fooling ammonia tests.

    I believe what might be happening is that the Prime is bonding with the ammonia in the chloramine compounds to create ammonium, which can read as ammonia on test kits. Luckily, ammonium is a lot less hazardous for fish and is still consumed by your beneficial bacteria.

    If you test your tap water and get a positive reading for ammonia, what you're likely detecting is just the ammonia within chloramine molecules.

    The ammonia level you tested right after returning might be due to fish waste buildup and an incomplete cycle.

    Hope this helps
  4. OP

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

    Thanks for the advise hopefully fish will stay looking good and with more time things will cycle all the way.

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