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I want more Corys, they're so amazing to watch, but before I buy any more I want to know what the prospects of mine successfully breeding are. I do not doubt my ability to successfully raise them IF I can find them at any point in the cycle but ultimately I don't want to wait forever just to have to buy them anyway.

Several points I want to hit on-
  • Firstly I would like to know at what age do Panda's typically start breeding and how will I tell if/when they started dropping eggs, from my observations there are 4x females and 2x males, the problem of finding the eggs is that I know what they look like from pictures but I have a messy tank with tons of hidden spots overgrown with plants. Are there tricks to finding the eggs that don't involve watching each female 24/7?
  • Secondly, lets say I don't ever find the eggs, what are the chances of them lasting without the meticulous care I keep reading everyone puts into them?
  • Thirdly, Poseidon is on my side and protected the eggs until they hatched but I am blind and never see the little wigglers, do they have a chance or will it be a case of the Hunger Games in my tank?
    • Hidey places for fry include a 1ftx1ft patch of medium dense stargrass and copious amounts of anacharis that float all the way down to the substrate on the other side of the tank.
    • Possible predators include an elegant feathertail Betta, 2x Pearl Gouramis, guppies, Ramshorn for Africa and of course the Cory parents.

Thank you for your expertise!


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In my tank they eat they’re own eggs. Also other species devoured eggs.

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