More newbie questions

  1. Rpayne36

    Rpayne36 Valued Member Member


    QUESTION # 1 is this a platy? Store sticker only said red tail moon I looked around Internet and platy was closest I found????

    QUESTION #2 in the pic bottom corner of tail fin is that from nipping I have heard of fin rot just not sure what it looks like??

    Sorry for all the questions very new at fish keeping!!!!!!!!


    Here is another pic
  2. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    I would say it is. Platy's are sometimes called "moons"
  3. OP

    Rpayne36 Valued Member Member

    Thank you!
  4. Daniel W

    Daniel W Valued Member Member

    Yes. Definetly a platy.
  5. Andromeda

    Andromeda Valued Member Member

    Agreed. That's a beautiful platy with at least some Orange Platy blood in it. I have a similar one though mine only has a while face.
  6. happygolucky

    happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    To me it looks like your fish has a small amount of fin rot on the tail, more water changes than usual will fix it, no need for medication :)