More mystery fish in my pond


So maybe a month ago I posted a pic of a fish that I had found in my pond that was determined to be a goldfish by you helpful people

I bought 6 more goldfish to give him some mates, unfortunately the original goldfish didnt make it (it was fished out of the pond by my mums dog :/). So this would mean there are 6 fish in the pond, today I caught them all to bring them inside and put into my new tank while I grow them out to put into the orfe pond which are big enough to eat them at the moment I ended up fishing 8!!!!!! fish out of the pond

The fish that I did not put into the pond are the 2 black ones, they look exactly like the goldfish but 5 of the 6 I bought and put in are comets and these black fish have really short fins I am guessing they are goldfish but I am not 100% sure, also if they are goldfish is it possible my goldfish have started breeding already??? I have 2 larger ones but I really didnt think they were old enough to start breeding, let me know!








Looks like goldfish to me.


all gold fish. Just hasn’t turned gold yet. It will


Definintely all goldfish.


omg. I found the same bronze mystery fish in my tubs the other day. I was netting mutt guppies for an order the next day and a bronzy colored larger fish swam out like Jaws. I managed to get it in a clear container where I could inspect it and found it was a goldfish. Body shape not at all like guppy. Here's the weird thing though. All the goldfish are HUGE orange, white, orange/white and ONE fancy black oranda. I found more of these bronze goldfish and have no clue how they got there. I've bemoaned the fact b4 my goldfish were the only animals that weren't breeding at a racing rate. I'm guessing 2 of the goldfish, some how, some way managed to breed and those mystery fish are the result. Other night, I found frogs in some of the tubs. IN this crazy 2020, I'll take my cute surprises where I can find them. There's always something weird going on if I look hard enough.


Yup. Also known as a common carp. The 2 pictured are more of a "wild" variety.

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