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Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by ChibiMonkey, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    As soon as I go in to work tomorrow, I am demanding we make some changes to the tank that houses our ADFs. Today there were four frogs - FOUR. In ONE day - who hurt their feet in the filter and were moved to the sick tank. Two of them died before I finished my shift (yes, I worked today. Ugh.) I asked and was allowed to take the remaining two home, as their feet will go the same way as my Eurydice's.

    I will post pictures after dinner. All I've done so far is set up a wee sick tank for them (Eury's tank, actually) and name them. They are Dexter and Bumi (and funnily enough, I don't think either of them are actually male lol.)
  2. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    They're not as bad as Eurydice was are they?

  3. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember


    Bumi is the darker of the two and has a slight hump on her shoulder. Dexter is in the second picture - he has the better of the torn feet. Bumi's foot is curled up like Eurydice's used to be.

    Sorry for the bubbles, I just put salt in the tank.

  4. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    Dexter no. I think Dexter broke a toe because this morning literally one toe and the heel of her foot were red and by the end of my shift, her webbing had gotten fungusy.

    Bumi's toes are curling and look like they could VERY easily get as bad as Eury's very quickly. I expect she'll lose that foot.

  5. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    They obviously shouldn't sell frogs. :(
  6. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    It's not that they shouldn't sell them, it's that they're a big box store and can't take a small measure (like putting an old net or something over the intake in the frog tank) because it's not corporate policy.
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  7. Little Tank of HappinessWell Known MemberMember

    Poor fellas :( Take good care of them like you did with Eury!
  8. marijoWell Known MemberMember

    Poors guys and two more frogs for you, they are in good hands. So now, you have eleven ?
  9. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    I've got fourteen. Lol.

    Gonna have to upgrade them to the 20L sooner than I'd planned for sure.

    These little buggers won't eat their dinner (pellets). Tomorrow the tanks get bloodworms but if they won't eat those either then I'll have to do shrimp again.
  10. marijoWell Known MemberMember

    I tought you wanted to stop at eleven, I've been missing some of your post;) You have to quit working there, you'll end up with 20!:)
  11. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    I wanted to stop at eleven too (I still haven't even found my elusive gold frog!!). I'll go check out a store's frogs and in the store tank they'll look very pale and I'll think "I've found her! I've found my Sunny!" and then I'll get home and the frog is not blonde but pale grey. Though I did luck out with Billie, who is like a brown color with only a few freckles.

    I think I'm going to wait until the "blonde/leucistic/gold" frogs get in stock online (Live Aquaria, Pet Solutions, and Aquarium Fish sell them) and just pay the awful shipping fee.

    And get my work to put netting over the filter intake. I'm happy to rehabilitate my swimmy babies, and give them a nice home in a frog tank, but I'd rather there be no mangled frogs TO take home.


    Dexter would like to show you her foot (and butt). It's actually the same one Eurydice broke. (Bumi has fungus on the opposite foot. I'm pretty sure she broke hers too.) Dexter is the one who only broke a toe and now half her foot is covered in fungus because she ripped the nail off and tore the webbing. Luckily there were no fish in the work sick tank but after seeing the other two die today I just had to take Dexter and Bumi. I couldn't watch two more die. The work sick tank is really too deep for them, it's about two feet tall. And when your foot - your propeller foot!! - doesn't work properly, you're screwed.

    Dexter is hiding at the bottom of the tank behind the cichlid rock. (That rock and that plant are only used for that tank. When that tank gets packed up, the rock and the plant do too.) So normal frog behavior. Bumi alternates between hiding and swimming - she still swims well, Dexter doesn't - and this is the first time she's chilled out at the surface.

    I went full doctor with the meds for day one (and because they were in a tank where two frogs died for most of the day). Pimafix, Melafix, some salt, and Koizyme. I swear by that stuff. It's also called lymnozine or something. It's made for ponds but back when Froakie had a bacterial infection, some forum (not this one) recommended it. I tried it and he was better in two days.

    Tomorrow just the water change and the 'fixes. I'm gonna try two no salt days, one salt, etc, until I see any changes and then go from there.
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  12. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember


    Bumi and Dexter want to show you they're not letting their feets keep them down!

    They're swimming a bit more today - properly swimming, not swim-hopping like Eury used to. Dexter's foot seems to be bothering her a bit more than Bumi's - she's not moving her ankle when she swims, so I think she's getting an infection. Bumi just has fungus, no infection yet.
  13. marijoWell Known MemberMember

    I was just joking, telling you you'll end up with 20 frogs:) Yes, please get your work to fix that problem with a net or a foam because you 're really end up having 20 frogs pretty soon. Show them a few pictures of Eurydice if they don't want to, it's not fair for the frogs to end up with injured feet because of a problem who's easy to fix. I can see how their feet are injured, that's pretty sad, please keep us posted
  14. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    The one manager who I trust to address it was gone for the day when I came in. I DID learn it's something that needs to be run past corporate so I'm going to try and contact corporate. I removed four additional frogs to the sick tank today (all are doing well, I think these ones may have landed wrong on their feet) so that's eight frogs in two days and that's nuts.

    I mean, I like my frogs but I don't exactly want twenty of them. Especially if they all need to be nursed back to health first. That's just too draining.
  15. marijoWell Known MemberMember

    Unfortunetly business is business. Please keep us posted
  16. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    Did 100% water change in the sick tank this morning. Came home from work about an hour ago and started feeding everyone. Dexter did not want bloodworms and has been zen floating at the surface. Bumi tried to get the worms but either missed or spat them out. I did my other tanks and turned to see if either of them ate the worms and found Dexter on her back. I freaked out and set her upright. She fell over. I immediately put her and Bumi in a betta cup and did a small change and removed the worms. Both of them were crazy active in the cup. I put them back in the tank. Bumi did not appreciate being moved and disappeared into the cichlid rock in a huff. Dexter was floating at the surface for a bit but at the time of writing is chilling out on the bottom (not upside down). And now just nyoomed up to the surface lol.

    So... I think Bumi is doing a bit better, but Dexter is not. :(
  17. marijoWell Known MemberMember

    How are your frogs doing today?
  18. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember


    Bumi seems to be doing better. Her foot is way worse than Dexter's but she spends a lot of her time squeezing under the cichlid rock like Eury used to.

    Dexter worries me. I've been doing the water changes at night and if the water gets cloudy (which it tends to do without the 100% change, since there's no filter) before I can change it, she flops on her back like she's dead. I think she's either very sensitive to water quality (like how some people are sensitive to bright light or pollen) or she's just much sicker than Bumi. I thought I saw wisps of shed earlier though, so maybe not all is lost. She may also actually be male. She's starting to get (I think) little white spots - in the picture it looks like a patch.

    I've been doing the water changes at night lately because I've had early morning shifts at work. I'm also trying to burn off any infection/fungus by keeping the water almost hot. The weather has been nice enough the past few days that none of my tanks needed a heater on but I've kept the sick tank's running. It hovers between 83-85 throughout the day, which I think is helping a bit. It helped Eurydice when I turned the heat up.

    Neither of them has eaten (though they may have nibbled at some brine shrimp?) I've tried bloodworms, brine shrimp, and pellets. I think tomorrow I'll cut a few pieces of krill from a cube (the other tanks fast on Wednesday) and see if that temps them.
  19. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Been watching your threads.
    Your dedication to our flippered friends is admirable. :)
  20. ChibiMonkeyValued MemberMember

    Thank you! I was raised to treat pets as children so I care for them like I would a human child. They're living things who depend on me for everything, so I need to do everything I can for them. I'm the same way with the animals at work, I treat them like they're my furry/scaly/swimmy babies too.

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