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I have a 15 gallon tank w/3 black skirts, 1 white skirt, 2 tiger barbs and 1 green tiger barb. I want to add more fish. But I'm not sure if I should add more due to the 1 inch rule...can I add more?? :-\


tiger barbs r schooling fish u can add 3 more tiger barbs to reduce their fin nipping habit.


as I always say, if you can give a little more than an inch your fish will return the favour by keeping happy and healthy for you. they will also keep the aggression down if they feel cramped for room the may lash out at other fish in fustration the one inch per gallon rule works on the ADULT SIZE of each fish check the freshwater profiles of the fish and see there adult size. also some fish like oscars and goldfish are huge waste producers this should also bve taken into account too. I am not to sure about the waste your fish produce if its like the goldfish you may need to do more regular water changes as all the waste may turn to ammonia fairly quickly

however go to the local fish shop(lfs) and grab yourself a injection of MTS and become addicted like so many here

good luck, kepp us posted


So dazzler are you in need of a meeting? I am sure there is one right around the corner for all the aquaholics in your neighborhood!

tb19, you are really getting close on the fish, but IF your tank is fully cycled, and you want more to fill out a school like Neville suggested, you will probably get away with it, IF you keep testing your water, and do changes any time the nitrates get up over 20.

Having fish in different parts of the water helps not overcrowd, and cuts down on them chasing each other. For future fish additions, and / or different tanks, you might want corys for the bottom, or a dwarf pleco, otoes for cleaning algae off leaves, rams like to hang around the bottom also. At this time though, I wouldn't add anything else unless it completes that school.
Dazzler is right, the 1" / gal is for the expected adult length, unless it is a HUGE fish with lots of bulk, then this rule is out the window, and you can't have as many! Let us know how it goes.

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Coo.l Thanx for the advice! I'll probably add 3 more barbs later on and keep on testing the water to check out how it goes.

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