more bulbs= more watts per gallon?

  1. ivonko

    ivonko Valued Member Member

    hey i had a question, i have a 30 gallon tank with regular flourescent bulbs. In various write ups people state that these bulbs have 15-40 watts. is that per bulb or per setup? if i ran 2 bulbs instead of 1 would that double my effective wattage? to 30-80 so i can grow plants in my 30 gallon at 2 watts per gallon?

    thanks guys
  2. escapay

    escapay Well Known Member Member

    More bulbs does increase the watts per gallon total. So if I need 2 watts per gallon for a planted tank, then I would need 20 watts on a 10 gallon.

    So you would basically want 60 watts total of bulbs for a 30 gallon. There are differences though if the tank is longer than tall. And whether you have T5 vs T8.
  3. OP

    ivonko Valued Member Member

    my tank is a long 30 gallon. what would be the better lighting system for me to grow plants? can i just run my normal flourescent bulbs for plants like java fern or microsword which are the more hardy plants? or will they not get enough watts from 2 normal bulbs?

    im going to stick with the easy, hardy plants because im worried that i wont have the light to have the more complex plants yet.