Moral Support Needed - Nitrates at the end of Fishless Cycle


Hi! Thank you in advance for the moral support!
My newest project is a 5 gallon planted cube for our black & white samurai betta, Jack.
I started about 3 to 4 weeks ago with the fishless cycling process. It feels like eternity at this point and need moral support! Reassure me the Nitrate levels will go down this week lol! My 2 12 gallons seemed to cycle faster and I'm just getting impatient. (Jack is fine, he is in a 3 gallon holding tank until this is finished.)

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 40 ppm
PH 7
Temp around 77 F

Prime for water
Stability used for the 1st week per directions

5 Gallon Cube (sweet fb find)
10 g Biofilter / Air Pump / Heater
Aquarium Soil
Hardscape: 6 rocks (forget what kind they)
Plants: Java moss, 2 Java Ferns , Amazon Sword and 2 Marimo Moss Balls, Anubias Nana, unknown floating plant and the of course duck weed.
Other: a few freeloader baby snails



NitrAte will go down whenever you want to change some water
It's nitrIte you have to wait for, and if you have seen it test higher than zero, then return to zero on a later test, then you are done.
Your tank and fish look great!
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Thanks! This fish cracks me up with his personality! I need to prep fish water tonight for my other tanks anyways so I'll do a 25% - 50% water change tomorrow. Woot!


removing half the water should remove half the nitrates since the tank is new.
Nice looking fish! And Darn I miss that show , Samuari Jack!

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