Moorii with 5-7" Haps/Peacocks?

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    Setting up a 75 gallon tank soon for all-male (with an exception) peacocks/haps. Got a stock list here:

    -cherryfin borleyi
    -kyoga flameback
    -placidochromis phenochilus
    -sunshine peacock
    -ob peacock
    -steveni taiwan reef
    -red top trewavasae
    -lithobates hap
    -thickskin hap
    -synodontis featherfin catfish
    -zebra obliquidens, the exception: 1 male and 3 females

    Wanted to know if I could keep a Moorii in with this list. I wasn't sure -- the moorii get bigger than the rest, although I heard they grow more slowly. Some sources say max size is 8" for males, and others say 10". I think I might be able to manage it if it gets 8"... right? Would an 8-10" Moorii harass/kill the sunshine peacock (maximum 5") or others? Really looking for some help here. Or am I overstocked even without the Moorii?
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    Bumping this up for you