Moonlight Gourami Care Guide


Moonlight Gourami
(Trichogaster microlepis)

Common names:
Moonlight gourami, Moonbeam gourami, Thin-lipped gourami.

Size: 15cm (approx 6 in.)

pH: 6.0 – 7.0

Tempº: 25ºC - 29ºC (77 F - 84 F)

Tank region: Middle-Top layer

Origin: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam.

Gender: The male’s plelvic fins are red or orange, female’s pelvic fins are yellow. Males body colour tends to be blue-ish, the females are more silver.

Notes: The temperament of this species if often debated between aquarists, they all have different personalities. Many are mellow, timid, shy and peaceful but some are more boisterous, and even aggresive. Females are more peaceful than males, who can become fairly territorial as they age. They are very easy to feed, taking almost all foods.

They prefer to live in planted tanks, but make sure all the plants are firmly rooted down! They are sometimes reputed for eating plants – and whilst they use whisps of fine leaved plants in their bubble nests, if they are nibbling on plants and not bubble-nesting, then you are probably not feeding enough vegetable matter. They prefer a weak current, as their natural habitat in slow moving rivers has slow currents meaning that Gouramis have not adapted to fast flowing waters.

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