MONSTER POST: My Fish On The Move!

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    Hello Everyone! guys and girl got a big treat come Spring cleaning time! They got new and/or improved tanks!

    In my dining room (right next to the kitchen entrance) is my 20G Long. My 20G Long previously housed Ansett, Eos, And Vanguard. In my spare bedroom, I had two 5G tanks set up. One housed Braniff, and the other my lone female, Kiwi. Ansett had always been very pale and looked a little stressed in the 20G Long. Additionally, Braniff LOVED being paid attention to. He always got the most excited out of all of my bettas to get talked to. Unfortunately, being in the spare bedroom, he only got visited a few times a day at the most, and couldn't see us throughout the day (which the boys in my 20G long could). Kiwi's tank was in the corner of my work desk up against a wall, and not very accessible. She got seen even less. This might also be because I feel she's mean and I'm afraid of her (LOL).

    So, I did a couple of things.

    In my 20G Long, I spent an hour sewing "additions" onto my dividers! I handmade my dividers out of craft canvas and have felt they were too short. I wanted my boys to have more room to swim in. So I added some additional craft canvas to the top. I sewed it on nice and secure with fishing line. This give my boys an additional inch to and inch and a half of water up top to swim in!

    I also bought a nice little table to put in the living room near the TV, across from the couches, to move one of my 5G tanks out into the living room. I decided that this new 5G location would hold Ansett, since I felt he'd do better moving back into his own tank. Therefore, Braniff got moved into the 20G. He is LOVING the new attention. Ansett appears to be the luckiest boy of him all. He can always see us in the living room now, we talk to him so often, and he chases the cats from one side of his tank to the other when they walk by. He's loving his new tank, also.

    Kiwi's 5G got moved from the corner of my desk up against the wall to on top of the dresser Braniff used to sit on. This makes her more accessible. I also redid her tank by removing a few of the more crowded plants. Unfortunately, she is still just as mean, but I think she likes the attention.

    In the next few posts I'll add pictures of my bettas and their tanks.

    Edited to add: This is my first set of pictures after moving to Indiana where the water is much harder than I am used to. I get these awful calcium deposit lines at the top of my tanks and I can't scrub it off to save my life. Any advice?
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    Kiwi has a new nickname. "Kamikazi Kiwi." I couldn't get her to sit still! My camera has a little orange light that comes on when it focuses. Everytime she saw it she went to attack it on the background. So I only got one terrible picture of her LOL.

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    Braniff loves being in the 20G Long and having so much more attention than he is used to. He also doesn't appear bothered by my other bettas. He is in an "end" unit. Eos remains in the middle unit, so that is who Braniff can see.

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    Eos is my marble boy. His colors are out of control! See for yourself :) He has the REDDEST lips though. He always makes me laugh when he looks at me ... he's my little clown fish!

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    Ansett LOVES having his picture taken. I seriously didn't have any retakes or pictures I discarded. I just snapped away and he loved it. What a little ham! I'm going to attach a "before" picture so you can see his coloration has changed so much! I thought he was white when I bought him. Look how blue he is now!

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    Okay. This is my special little guy. As the last picture will show, and I'm sure you remember, he had a life-threatening case of fin rot when I bought him from Petco. I just couldn't let him die in that cup. He is doing SO well and has so much personality. I love him so much. Look at how much his tail has grown back since Thanksgiving! He did not like having his picture taken, though. Thats why he only has two pictures LOL.

    **so concludes my monster post. thanks for reading!**

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  7. Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    Wow sounds like a busy day :p
    The tanks and babies are looking gorgeous!
  8. bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Wow, you've done an excellent job. Beautiful betta babies.

    Ansett has changed A LOT since you brought him home. He's gorgeous, though.
  9. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    Lovely tanks Congrats on the new homes for everyone!
  10. TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    I remember about Vanguard! Glad to see how well he's doing, look at him now!

    Don't apologise for your marathon post, it had pictures in it so you are forgiven!! Lovely fish and glad they liked the reshuffle
  11. uprightandlockedWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks everyone!

    As for Vanguard, he was sold as a halfmoon. As you can see his tail has done a lot of growing outwards from his body. I'm waiting for it to start growing up and down ... I wonder if he'll ever look like a halfmoon, again?