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A couple of weeks ago I bought some Moneywort for both my tanks...they seem to be thriving quit well...but I was wondering..when I bought them they were in little pots that had a paper looking substance in them...when I put them into the tanks...all I did was put the entire pot down into the gravel and left it that you think I should remove them from the pots ? Or will leaving them in there... root bound them and stunt the growth ?
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I would take them out of the pots. they could probably stay in, but I think as the roots grow, they would be restricted. to make up for not having the fertilizer in the pots, their are liquid fertilizers u can use that easily replace it. you might not even need this, but the biggest cause of browning plants (besides light deprivation) is iron deficiency. I use a product Hagans iron enriched plant grow, you just add a capful to every 10 gallons of water. its about 5 bucks a bottle, but it treats 470 gallons, so its pretty cheap. hope this helps

also, for most low light plants, you need close to 1 WPG (watt per gallon), although u probably knew this. what kind of lighting do u have?
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I prob don't have enough light...I have 2 15W AquaGlows.
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that's not enough for the 55 gal, but could be possible for the 16
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The substance in the pot is most likely rock wool. The plants need to be taken out of this so the roots can grow and the rock wool usually has fertilizers in it that can cause an algae out break if left in the tank
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Removed the plants from the pot and put them in the substrate....can't afford $25 a tube for something that will equal my opinion....that's way too much light for my fish ! I don't want to nuke the little guys...and not looking to land aircraft in my tank...if given the choice between fish and plants...I choose fish....btw...the fish industry is ripping the public off BIG time...give me a break...$25 for a 24" 25W bulb !(Can pick up the same light at a Home Depot for $9) PLEASE ! that's a rip man !...Aside from proper fish of the biggest things I've learned is that they charge 10X the price for just because it's for fish care !

Shop smart...not desperate !.!.!

Thank you for the confirmation about removing the plants from the pot lilsoccakid and Butterfly !
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I bought 2 things of Moneywort yesterday and would like to learn about them.

Do I need to separate all of the stems and plant individually, or can the stems stay bunched together?

I noticed there are ALOT of white roots coming off the stems (those not in the substrate). What do I do with these?

I also added Flourish tabs. Just wondering if these will help them any?
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Moneywort looks really nice, but I've never been able to keep it alive. It always loses it's leaves then I just have rotten green/brown stems sticking out of the substrate. I think flourish excel also melts it.
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I just bought some Moneywart too. I don't know much about it so I would be intrested to see what other people have to say about it also.
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With light, co2, and liquid fert. it will grow at about 1" per day.
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I don't do anything to mine, and its doing fine. It doesn't grow very fast, but I has never lost any leaves or anything, and sends off little shoots from the stems every now and then that I just cut off and plant lol

I do keep it in an El Natural Planted tank, though, so might be why its doing so well with out much care lol
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Am gonna assume this is a bacopa, they are generally easy to care for, but do need a decent amount of light. Substrate fertilizer tablets work for all plants, you should also use a liquid fertilizer regularly. I've never personally used any co2 setup, and my plants tend to grow like crazy, but I know others who have had great results adding co2.

They benefit from being spread out a little, ie not just planted in a bunch like they came, I usually plant them in 2 or 3s (stems) as a curtain at the back of my tank interspersed with vallisneria. You don't need to do anything to the roots that grow off the stem, altho you can pinch them off if you find them too unsightly. I've never bothered, it's not noticeable once they grow and spread
They are also very easy to propagate once they have rooted and are growing nicely, as you can simply pinch off a decent length top part and either loosely plant right away or let it float on top of your aquarium til it gets a couple of small roots.
Best of luck
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does anyone have any experience with moneywort? I got mixed reviews some sites say its easy and others say its hard and isn't low tech. I love the way it looks and had gotten some recently but can't find any solid information for its needs and care level
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It’s a really easy, slow growing plant. It is a low tech plant but needs moderate light.

Low tech meaning no co2. I would recommend dosing ferts, i’ve noticed it need more potassium than other plants.
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alright its good to know I won't have to buy anything fancy for it lol. I don't really have any ferts other then apI leaf zone which is what I usually use for low tech planted tanks, I will have to remember to pick up better ferts next time I go to petsmart
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alright its good to know I won't have to buy anything fancy for it lol. I don't really have any ferts other then apI leaf zone which is what I usually use for low tech planted tanks, I will have to remember to pick up better ferts next time I go to petsmart
I’d recommend getting an all in one fert like easy green or thrive. Leaf zone only has iron and potassium so you’ll need other micro and macro ferts, which will start to get expensive if you buy any of the single element bottles.
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In my opinion pets stores don't carry good fertilizers unless you get several bottles and combine, for low tech check out aquarium co-op easy green
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yeah that is true its hard to find stores with good ferts I can only find leaf zone and flourish neither of which I like that much. they are normally a bit expensive on amazon or don't deliver to where I am because I'm in a rural area plus a lot of places don't ship to canada :/

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