Mom Vs Me - Fish(less) Cycling

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by brook.lyn, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. brook.lyn

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    So I have a 10 gallon I've posted about multiple times, I'm trying to finish the cycle. I'm where I dose then wait 24 hours. My tank will be at about .25 nitrite roughly in 24 hours after I dose 1ppm of ammonia.

    My levels after 24 hours of dosing 1ppm of ammonia:

    Ammonia / .25 (or less)
    Nitrite / .25 - .50
    Nitrate / 40
    pH / roughly 7.6

    I use a liquid kit, and have only used one bacteria supplement and it was recently, I used a while small bottle of TSS+ to try and help speed up my cycle. (It didn't really work). Other than that I just use pure ammonia drops.

    So this is my question. I have been dosing and waiting 24 hours over and over and it's been a few weeks if not more. My mom (who doesn't know really anything about cycling) wants to just throw in a hardy fish, and she says it would finish the cycle within a week. I'm saying since I have pure ammonia drops I don't need it cause I would only need the fish to have ammonia which I have. Thing is, we're all impatient (I say all cause my fish are in a temporary tank, and yes I did know about the cycle before getting them but the breeder would only hold onto them for so long and she had exactly what I needed).

    So if I were to put a hardy fish into there, would that actually help? I don't exactly like the idea of risking a fish's life. Plus what would I do with the fish after if it lives?

    Thanks in advance xx
  2. AWheeler

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    I'd do a large water change and then dose with ammonia one more time, see if it doesn't go through after 24 hours after the water change.
  3. OP

    brook.lynValued MemberMember

    Oh I think you may have misunderstood a little... nitrite will go to 0 within 48 hours. I'm just wondering if adding a hardy fish will speed up the process because it's taking forever for BB to get to a point to where it can eat 1ppm of ammonia in 24 hours
  4. AWheeler

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    You want ammonia and nitrite to go down to 0 in 24 hours before you are considered cycled. I wouldn't put any fish in there until it is cycled honestly. I suppose it could be done if you were using prime and were doing water changes, likely every day, possibly twice a day. You'd also want to do a large water change to get the nitrates down if you were going to do that as well.
  5. smee82

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    If your fish are in a temporary tank then yes i would just add them to the tank you want them to be in. If your temp tank is cycled you can just add half of the media to the new filter and insta cycle your 2nd tank
  6. OnTheFly

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    I've done a few tanks just as Apierce described in Post #4 . After most of the major spikes were gone. I can't say it sped anything up noticeably. If I was going to do it again, it would be when my numbers looked like yours do now. My nitrites were actually a bit higher which made Prime very necessary IMO. If you were to do a large WC now, maybe even back to back WCs, You might find you are only a few days away from perfect numbers. Good luck!
  7. OP

    brook.lynValued MemberMember

    Thank you! So I should do a water change and that could help my tank?
  8. OnTheFly

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    I would, and see what you have 24hrs later. The nitrates might go away and return very low. Or you may have exactly what you have now which mean cycle has a little while to go. I'm no expert but in my experience the best thing to do the first few weeks is nothing (other than provide ammonia source), if the spikes are proceeding logically and not too excessive which can kill a cycle.

    Anyway, I just finished up a 60 G. I had .25Am- 1.0 trites, trates about 100. Trites and trates seemed stuck for a week or more. Two massive water changes back to back and the tank was cycled in about 24hrs. 0-0 and 5. You won't really know what you have until you get rid of the trates. And your current trates would not kill fish IMO, just a little on the high side of preferred range.