Molting problems

  1. Imblue65 Initiate Member

    So my new crayfish was just transferred to my 65 gallon and immediately began to molt. He got almost all of the molt completed on his own, but a piece on his head and back remained. He was not moving around much and not sure if he was eating. After about 2 days of him being like that i decided he wasnt going to finish on his own so took him out to examine him. one of his eyes had clouded over, and it doesnt seem like he can see out of it, he lost a claw during the molt as well, I helped by very gently assisting him in removing the old shell, (which had become very soft and dark), and put him back in the tank. I noticed he has a spot on the side where it looks like growth was stunted due to the old shell as well. He is currently just sitting in the middle of the tank not moving much but he attempted to eat a pellet. I dont have experience with crayfish, so is there a chance he will spring back, or would it be time to put him down out of his misery?
  2. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    When I was breeding crayfish, both dwarfs and full sized crayfish, I did experience losses that were entirely caused by failed molts. It's a bummer but there isn't much you can do at this point but keep a close eye on him. I am not sure if he is miserable or not. When mine failed molting, they didn't get as far as yours did. So they were not even able to move around anymore. So I honestly don't know if yours will recover.

    I can say for sure that legs and arms and antennae can all grow back......

  3. Imblue65 Initiate Member

    He is moving around a bit, ill deff keep an eye on him, hopefully he will rally. Nothing in the tank shows any interest in him so hopefully he will be able to heal.
  4. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm crossing my fingers for him!! :)