Molting or dead?

  1. kkspencer22 Initiate Member

    I got this crab 5 days ago (fiddler crab i assume) and he was all scavenging and all then i wake up and he is on his back. I have another crab and he was hiding in the filter system. Bu tv i compaired both and the one i found was dark brown and the one on his back is light colored. I read some where they molt like that but iI dont know, i see his leg move slightly every so often[​IMG]
  2. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I'm no expert in crabs but usually you'd be able to see that its a shell. I think he may be dead :(

    Can you pick it up? You'll know instantly if its a shell or not that way.

  3. kkspencer22 Initiate Member

    I had two and , the molten process takes a while i heard , but he should turn to that color that fast he was alive yesterday. And i seen thst i should not mess with them until after so it is a hard choice for me...
  4. kkspencer22 Initiate Member

    The crab also has the black black bulbs im taking it thats his eyes. So no i do not thunk that its his shell thers

  5. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    How long has he been in there? If he is dead, you dont want a body to cause an ammonia spike.

    Whats your water parameters?
  6. kkspencer22 Initiate Member

    They are within their limit. I cant remember the num of ph but it was at the right one and the ammonia was 1 but i got that down
  7. kkspencer22 Initiate Member

    Just to inform , he did pass aways