molting crawfish


My blue crawfish molted today it was neat to wach i'l post pics as soon as I get them on my computer, never saw one do that befor


I was worried one day last week when I saw one of my orange dwarf crayfish hadn't moved after several hours. (It wasn't clearly visible, the tank is heavily planted.) I moved some plants out of the way, and found it was only a freshly shed exoskeleton. The crayfish was/is fine, but the molt still isn't very active... ;D


I like watching the cray eat its old shell.


Mine molted again last week, and watching it clean up the mess was amusing. Of course, the fish got in on the fun to, which I thought strange. A couple of days ago, I dropped a piece of chicken in, and watched my cray go to town. Last night, I did it again...I kept leftovers. Much to my surprise, all the fish got in the act. I had 3 tiger barbs and the cray grabbing at the chicken. It was very cool to watch.

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