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    Allie2011 Valued Member Member

    one of my mollies has not been acting normal at first i wrote it off as her about to have babys at that time she would not stop hiding at the bottem. Then she gave birth and still was hiding. Then she started hanging by the filter at the top now she is swimming with tail up head down.
    ammonia 0
    nitrite 0
    nitrate 10 ppm / 20 ppm hard to tell
    Ive been doing water changes every other day since it stared and add prime for water conditioner
    Babys were born 6-19
    is it that she is just recoving from giving birth or is it something worse. also she is pooping normally and she is not bloated
    freshwater no salt
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    axel Well Known Member Member

    its normal for livebearers to hide whenever they about to give birth..maybe she just exhausted of giving birth ,give it some time and observe,