Molly Swimming Around Heater Question

Discussion in 'Molly' started by StillLearning, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. StillLearning

    StillLearningNew MemberMember

    :confused: My molly is pregnant and today, she has refused to eat and she is litterally swimming 'round and 'round the heater....she usually is happy to see me and goes to the top to get her food but, today, she is staying away and doing the dance around the heater....could this be an indication that she is ready to have her fry?
  2. SonfishValued MemberMember

    Well I ve had one to give birth so far and she just swam around and kinda looked like a plane dropping paratroopers, do you have any plants or decorations in your tank? if not maybe she is just trying to find a spot to have them that is semi safe. Just an idea
  3. OP

    StillLearningNew MemberMember


    Yep, I do have plants in the tank(and a large floating one too for her ). It's a 20 Gallon and only her a rosey red minnow are the occupants.
    They get along great and always have...My molly is just acting really strange. She LOVED her bloodworms, and well, she couldn't care less for them, flake food, or the shrimp pellets she likes to pick at. (I was told that the pellets were good for a treat once in a while?)

    Anyways, i am leaving tomorrow for the weekend since it's christmas holidays, and was just wondering what i should do before i leave to make sure she's alright for 2 days...:confused:

  4. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    :;laughing That was cute!
  5. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to fishlore!! can you put her and some soft plant, in a breeder net....if you have some java moss that would be awesome...and the fry would have a chance to live....can you get a pic of her? she will be really squared off , not as rounded, and her gravid spot(spot under her belly by the anus) will be much darker....
  6. OP

    StillLearningNew MemberMember

    I tried to get a pic of her, but she's just not being a good sport about it. lol. She just doesn't want anything to do with me for the last copuple of days. (sheeeesh, and i thought i had attitude! lol).

    She is usually right up at the front of the glass, being a little ham for attention, but like i said, she's just acting so strangely. Also, her gravid spot is impossible to see...she's a dalmation molly...but with only a couple of little white spots..the rest of her is black as night. She is square though, like you mentioned...oh, and she is still swimming around the heater.....literally, going around and around it. (could she possibly just be doing that to help the birth? maybe the closeness of the heater feels better?)
    (no signs of ich, and she isnt touching the heater to rub herself on it, just swimming around it).

    So, yep, i'm going to take a ride over to one of the locally owned pet stores and see if they have some java moss like you said. I do have a breeder tank, where the fry fall through the bottom and can go to the other you think that would suffice? I'm just really worried that she'll have them while i'm gone and i'll get back and there will be no babies, cause she decided they looked like a yummy little tidbit. :'( Also, that she migh pass on from any difficulty's is there are any.

    I never knew i could care about my molly so much, but she's kinda like "people" around morning i go in and feed her and she's all happy...she gets all happy too when my daughter goes into the "fish room" and swims around trying to get her's like an aquatic puppy. ;D
  7. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I would definately put her in a breeder box..or they could be a snack ....have you done a check lately for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates? if so, what were the readings..if not , maybe do one now to be sure its not a water issue.....she could be ready to spawn and is stressed but knowing the water is ok, id feel better if it were me....good luck on the hunt for moss!
  8. OP

    StillLearningNew MemberMember

    Hi Shawnie,

    Thanks for the reply's. I didn't have anything left in the test kit so, i brought along a sample of the water to the fish store. The guy checked it and said everything was A-OK.......and i spoke to him about my molly too. He owns the store, and unlike petsmart, he actually cares. So, i described my molly and what was going on, and he said it deffinetly sounds like she is sticking close to the heater because her babies are on the way. He said it's really not uncommon for any fish to do that. He said it's a comfort thing, and that i was doing the best i could. Unfortunetly, no java moss. lol...he said he just can't keep it in stock sells so fast. So, he actually gave me this little spongy's pretty cool looking...and he said to set that in the bottom of the tank and the babies will be able to hide. I love locally owned and operated petstores...they are more helpful i find than the big retail chains.

    So, i'm off for the weekend, and i will update when i get back. My molly's all set up, and i hope everyone has a great weekend!: ;hi1
  9. OP

    StillLearningNew MemberMember


    Well, i came home Sunday, to my molly floating belly up. :'(

    My rosey red minnow that was in the tank, also passed on this morning...both of them, looked like their heads had swollen. I noticed last night that my rosey red has swelling in the head area. I didn't know what to make of it.

    This is really confussing...(and yes, all parameters of the water have tested fine) So, now, i don't know what to do.

    Would you have some advice on how to effectively clean the tank so that whatever it was that infected my fish , wont infect a new batch of fish? I don't know if there is any special baterial cleansers that are safe and effective for aquatic plastics and ornaments...:;dk

    any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. :;fb
  10. mhennessy25New MemberMember

    this is just an idea, but maybe she could have gotten too hot once she started spending all that time around the heater? if you get another and she starts doing that, maybe you could put her in another tank for a while (just a small bowl for a few days, with you watching the temp, though I know you went on vacation)

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