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Can someone please help. My beautiful Lyre Tail Black Molly is struggling. He stays mostly on the bottom of the tank waving his fins and body. He sometimes musters enough energy to chase one of the female Mollies but then goes back down to the bottom. He is eating, but sometimes cannot get enough energy to go up for the food. We have 3 other female Mollies and 2 fry's that are growing bigger everyday. All of them are doing well. We use the API master Test Kit and everything is in range except that our PH has been around 6.8. We change our water frequently. Yesterday we added PH 7.5, but it did not raise the PH. We did a 20% water change today and then added another dose of PH 7.5. Went to our local fish store and they could not give us any help for this fish. I fear he is dying, but I really want to save him. He does not have any visible marks on his body. He was mating 3 woman not too long ago. Boo Hoo.
Thanks for your help.


Is your ammonia 0 and nitrite 0? What is the nitrate reading? As for the pH, a pH of 6.8 is not bad at all - it's a very good pH. You shouldn't be trying to alter it with commercial products. A stable pH is far better than a constantly fluctuating one, and adding chemicals to alter the pH does create pH fluctuations that can be very harmful to fish.


3 Females?  He must be worn out!

As Isabella said, it may be the ammonia or nitrite take a sample of your water to your local fish supplier I'm sure they will do a free water test for you


Does he have a really fat belly cause that's wha happened 2 my male betta. I think he was constipated. but he died

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