Molly Refusing Breeding

Discussion in 'Molly' started by Animesh ajay, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Animesh ajay

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    Hey guys i am animesh and i have just started trying fishlore...i want to be a breeder and so i have started with 3 mollies ...2 female and 1 male...but my black molly has been refusing matting since the time i got her....she just swims away..evry time my male tries....
    Guys having some fry would be a big gift...plzz.reply sooon
  2. penguin02

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    What size tank is it? Is the tank cycled?

    Tbh you don't need to worry about them breeding. The females might already be pregnant from being at your LFS. It's impossible to watch them 24/7, so they've probably already bred by now.

    In my experience, females will always be pregnant if there is a male in the tank. Sometimes my females can get pregnant four or five more times after the male has been removed. I believe it's because they can store sperm, but I may be wrong.
  3. OP
    Animesh ajay

    Animesh ajayNew MemberMember

    Tgank you 4 replying bro...
    Its a 7 litre tank.....hey the male inserted his gonopodium in her but it stayed only 4 a sec or 2 that when will she have her babies...i cannot focus on my just so exicited
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  4. Ryan P

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    For livebearers you can assure that they are gonna reproduce so you should't worry. the only conern I have is your tank is too small for you fish specially if your planning on breeding them, live bearer population can get out of control really fast. but then again no fish should be placed on that small of a tank. just my 2 cents.

    are you planning on getting a bigger tank sooner?
  5. penguin02

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    Your tank is waaaay too small. There’s no way it can cycle and the mollies will barely be able to turn around. Get a 10 gallon at LEAST, more if you plan to keep a breeding group. Even with my 30 gallon I have to give most of the babies away.

    If they stay in there, the females might not even give birth. I believe they can absorb their fry if the conditions are not right.
  6. seth rodgers

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    hey, you 110% need a bigger tank preferably a 29 and if you want to be a “breeder” than definitely get a 29 and get 6 female and 2 male preferably planted. also have a 5 or 10 gallon that the female can have birth in and the fry can then live in until they grow
  7. OP
    Animesh ajay

    Animesh ajayNew MemberMember

    I have a 40 litre tank and just these 3 fishes with an extra bowl...isnt that enough
  8. OP
    Animesh ajay

    Animesh ajayNew MemberMember

    Hey...guys...i have always wanted ask u this ... can my pumps water presuure kill fishes
  9. trash.binh91

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    So do you plan to move these into the 40L
  10. emeraldking

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    An actual mating between livebearers will only take a second till a couple of seconds... no more...
    It's over before you'll know it... :joyful: