Molly red gills and gulping air

  1. Zoe13 Member Member

    My balloon belly molly has red gills and is gulping air from the surface. I tested the water and my parameters were fine (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate and pH of 7). I did a 20% water change an hour ago, and she is still hanging out at the surface gulping air and her gills are still red. I have a cycled 5 gallon quarantine. Should I put her in it? What could be the problem, and what should I do? All other fish in the tank seem fine.

    Water tests

  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    What is the temperature of the water?

  3. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    I can't see the fish very well in that picture but look up bacterial gill disease and symptoms. I had a gasping panting fish that had that.
  4. Zoe13 Member Member

    Water temp is 77. After posting this thread, I realized I had moved the tank and not set up my air stone in it, and there isn't much surface movement without the air stone. I set the airstone up yesterday and she's doing much better now.