Molly Really Thin.

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    MollyGuy82 New Member Member

    My oldest Molly in my tank (~2.5-3 years) is hiding at the bottom corner of the tank and barely eats. So today, ive decided to isolate her from the others so that I could feed her. She wont take any food at all. Her body is so thin, ive never seen her like this before.

    My water parameters are all in the norm. Ive done a 30% water change prior to moving her to an isolation tank using the same water as the main tank.

    Im at lost. We've been through a lot together. Hopefully you guy could help me out. Pictures attached 20170804_100208.jpg 20170804_100208.jpg
  2. kayla.s

    kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately I have also had a few Molly's go this way... I think it's the age, as live bearers don't live very long
    This was my guy 2 or 3 days before he passed...he tried to eat but just couldn't for some reason :( 20170614_144255.jpg
  3. OP

    MollyGuy82 New Member Member

    I can see the similarities with your molly. Both have a very skinny body. Sad news but I suppose thats nature.

    Thanks for your info.