Molly question

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    Alex126 Valued Member Member

    Hello all I have a 29gallon with
    5 neon tetra
    4 red eye tetra
    1 molly
    1 gourami
    1 pleco
    10 ghost shrimp

    The molly stayes in the corner all day and will come out some times to eat. I had him in a 10 gallon before with the temp of 78. Now he is in the 29 with a temp of 81. All the other fish are very healthy. Any ideas why he is like this. Thx
  2. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    There are a few possibilities.

    It may be lonely, maybe they need 1-2 more molly friends.

    It may be being bullied by another fish, which in this case would most likely be the gourami.

    It may be sick.

    It may be stressed because the temp is so high. Mollies can only handle up to 82.

    I know didn't ask a question about this but your stocking is a bit ragged.
    I would recommend bumping the neon tetra school up by at least 1 and bumping up the red eyes by at least 2. They are schooling fish and need a school to be happy and feel safe.

    What kind of gourami do you have?
    What kind of pleco do you have?
  3. OP

    Alex126 Valued Member Member

    The gourami has been bumping the molly a little more then usual but that have been living peacefully for the last year. I will lower the temp today. I was going to get 6 of each fish but I dident want to over crowed the tank. If I did bump it up to 6 would it be over crowed?? I have a dwarf blue gourami. And I have a royal pleco. He is only 3inches. When he gets to be 5inches I will sell him.

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