Molly pregnancy - How far is she

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    Hello, i have noticed a week and a half ago that my molly has a huge stomach. I think it's getting squarish but she's eating normal. Here is a video so hopefully you could tell me how far she has cos i need to prepare.. Thanks :;banaman
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    It says the video is private =/

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    Me too, I can't see it.
    You'll have to alter your settings to make it public
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    I can't for sure tell how far along or if your mollies pregnant. It probably is a good possibly. But as a side note I noticed you have Angelfish housed with Mollies. Mollies specifically of most live bearers require alkaline water with harder water, while Angelfish are kind of on the other end of the water spectrum Acidic water & a lower pH.

    If your planning on raising the mollie fry I would definately look into getting the water closer to what they've adapted to overtime (alkaline). Not sure what your water is at the moment but possibly read into some care sheets for the species you currently have in your tank, Might be beneficial to just pick between the two species or get another tank cause they do have very different requirements.
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    Oh okay.. I picked the angelfish at the same pet store and they told me that it's okay to keep those species that i picked together... And yeah i was planning on raising the molly fry in a different tank. I just cant determine how far is she with her pregnancy. Im sure that she's pregnant because she was mating with my male like 2,5 weeks ago and she's really bigger now than she was.
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    Yeah Pet stores can be less than helpful like that! ;)
    What's your method for collecting fry?
    You could still always transfer her to the rearing tank, make sure theirs some spawning plants like java moss or fine plummed plant to protect the fry, and check her daily to see if she's given birth and remove her once she has.
    Unless you planned on using the liver-bearing breeder trap, than it would need to be better timed due to lack of space in the net.

    I'd watch for her kind of isolating herself from the community, which is a sign that she's going to give birth..

    It's hard to time it even if you caught her in the act, my understanding it takes 3-5 weeks but can vary depending upon water conditions and how ideal they are for the fish. There's even been accounts of them breeding every 30 days.

    Another thing to keep in mind but definitely not just jump on, is that fact that Mollies really thrive in water that has added salt.
    Now their are a lot of pros and cons to this especially in a planted or community tank.
    One of my LFS actually has some mollies in a Marine Aquarium and they look like beautiful, buff, happy fish.

    Another really important thing to keep in mind with Mollies or really all live bearers is the importance of greens in their diets. The first Mollie I got I made the mistake of feeding her mostly meaty meals. Her diet was high quality but it was not balanced for what she had specifically evolved too. We ran into swim-bladder problems that could never be corrected and she passed.

    I would really read everything you can on Mollies, especially if your looking to raise fry, I don't think their your typical fish and do have some special needs.

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    Yes thanks. I was planning,actually i got a plastic breeding box at the Pet Store and its divided with like a plastic wall that protects the fry from the mother. I think its super easy to do it with that one... As for the signs of labor i am looking at her every day just to be sure.. For now she just seems really pregnant and eats normal. Sometimes during the day she kind of isolates herself like sitting on the filter or the plants.
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    Heyy guys! Last night i looked at my Black Molly and she was hiding (eating) but looking squarish like she's about to pop. Something was also peeking out of her. So i separated her quick but i didnt have time to buy the breeding net so i had to improvise and i made the breeder from the coke bottle. I woke up this morning and saw 10 healthy fry swimming around and the improvised breeding "box" worked !
    I just wanted to let you know. This is my first batch of fry and im excited! Reading everything about how to take care of them :)
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    See :) And the longer you have her the more you will get familiar with her behavior, get easier each time :)


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    Thank you!
    I have 8 healthy ones swimming looking happy and the two of them dont have parts of tails :(
    They also wont eat. she gave birth to them like 12 hours ago and they didnt eat. I gave them crushed regular food cos i didnt get the baby food. is that normal that they dont eat?
  12. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Fry need to absorb their egg sac before they start feeding, usually takes a couple of days
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    Coradee,thank you. So its nothing to worry about? Should i keep trying to feed them until they start or just start in a couple of days?
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    I'd try feeding them again tomorrow, just a tiny amount & see how they go
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    I would try to get some Hikari first bites, It's what I have used for a few different fry. The Mollie fry should be ready to eat right away they're live-bearing fry they have no yok sac that's absorbed in comparison to eggs layers and fish that scatter their eggs. What kind of real food did u crumble up?

    The first foods you feed your fry are almost a powder cause its so fine grained.
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    Bad news guys. Its day two and 5 of them are just dead. I dont know why. the 2 guys that died were missing some parts from birth but the other 3 idk why.
    I tried feeding them last night with a powder fish food i crumbled it up. I also tried egg yolk this morning and they're still not eating. I feel like theyre dying one by one.