Molly preg/reddish birthing tube area

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5 to 10 years
I have a pregnant dalmation molly and have done a lot of research and I think I read somewhere that when its almost time for her to have the fry she will get a little darker around the birthing tube area.

It looks sort of reddish but I can't seem to find where I found out that info.
I can't see a gravid spot but also read that not all fish will have that.

She's pretty big and square and I've had her for almost a week. She was fat and pregnant when I purchased her.

She also is pooping like crazy.

Thanks for any help and sorry for the cell phone pic but my camera is in the shop again.



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It is hard to tell from that photo if she's pregnant, usually when I see pregnant pictures of platy's they look pretty large and dark in the bottom region.
I have a pregnant platy for the first time right now, I found watching some of the pregnant platy videos on youtube helped with sort of at least giving you an idea of what to look out for.
And as far as the pooping goes, mine is also pooping quite a bit. It is pretty rare I don't see a lil fish dropping hanging out of her rear, I was worried at first too but she has been like this for more then a week and a half and looks quite healthy and is eating and swimming fine and breathing fine, so I am going to assume she is ok she is just pooping a lot lol
Good Luck!
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