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I have a mixture of mollies in a large community tank, some male and some female. Every now and then all the males all chase one female for a few days then they all live happily together again. Today they are all chasing a female dalmatian Molly that dropped fry a week ago. I assumed she must be ready to breed again. How do they know, do the females give of feramones when they are ready to breed?. Is this a qwerk of my tank or is this normal behavior?
I know I have too many males to females because I've been buying fish online and they keep sending males. Could this be caused by not having enough females?


This behaviour is completely normal for live bearers and can be kinda stressful to watch.
In the wild they are short-lived and a food source for many other fish, so it's incredibly important for them to reproduce at a very high rate.
I do believe some females are more 'available' than others though as there is a definite preference, possibly the males know she's not 'fully stocked' so to speak.
If they are only chasing now and then, then thats great.
A problem only arises when a female becomes exhausted/stressed. A breeder net is great to give her a break or to let an overexcited male cool off.
More females than males is always better as they share the burden of being chased, no one is focussed on.
I found joining Facebook fish groups for my area had lots of people selling live bearers and you could try and grab some females from them if you don't have a fish store nearby.
Also, the light at the end of the tunnel is, in my experience as they 'age' they do slow down with the chasing or stop altogether.
Best of luck :)
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Thanks for replying. I have had Molly breeding behavior before but it only usually lasts a day or two. This time it's been going a week or so and shows no sign of stopping. I have a female lyretail that is hiding on the bottom and a black dalmatian that's being chased non stop. All my mollies have been living together happily for 18 months or more and have had a few batches of fry without problems.
I know I should have more females but I've had to buy online and they won't let you specify sex and keep sending males.
I think I should remove the harassed females and put them in my qt tank for a break. I have a few fry growing up and I think most are female so perhaps they will sort things out in the future.
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