Molly is pregnant? Need advice

Discussion in 'Molly' started by woodsplace1, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    Just recently got an aquarium in January so I am very new at this. It was for our son because he loves fish. We bought 2 female mollies and 1 male (as recommended). One of the females looks pregnant but seems like she has been for a while now. Most sites are saying they should bear the live fish within 30 days. It has been well over 30 days. Can there be something wrong? Is there anything I can do. I really do not want to breed fish, is there a way to not have the fish breed, any suggestions would be great. Thank you so much
  2. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    what size is the tank? Is it cycled? Are there any other fish in the tank?
    And welcome to Fishlore!!!!!!!! :)
  3. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    10 gallon tank, it is cycled.  I just today bought a breeder net to see if this would help her in her expulsion of the babies.  She looks like she is going to blow any moment.  There are 2 female dalmation mollies and 1 male and we also have a mini plocostomus (sp?).  I just had no idea it would be this big of a deal.  I went to the local Aquarium store and they recommended I take out the male and buy another female, although it now looks like our second female might also be expecting... :eek:  I only wanted to get something for our 3 year old to be able to feed and take care of so he begins to understand the importance of a pet...YIKES :-\
  4. vinWell Known MemberMember

    She might give birth in the net or she might not. I know that my swordtail will not give birth in the breeding net. She gets too uptight so I have to keep an eye out for fry in the general pop and scoop them out and into the breeder net.....and hope that I'm not too late. Keep an eye out in your tank. She may have expelled one or two already. If this is the case, it can take here days or weeks to expell more....It's happened to me.....
  5. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    Thanks, I am going to try the net for a while and see how this goes. I haven't seen any as of yet and I have checked the tank thoroughly...she seems OK so far in the net, eating fine, looks a bit lonely though. My only big dilemma is I am pretty sure the other female is pregnant. Can I put both females in the breeder net? So many questions, so little time...thanks for all of your help to all!!! ;D
  6. vinWell Known MemberMember

    They should be in separate nets....Once they give birth they need to be removed after about a day. I use a breed-n-show tank. It is a clear acrylic tank that floats in the main tank. There are grates on the ends for water flow and there is a grate in theh bottom for the fry to slip through once born. They can't escape into the upper portion or into the main population. You might want to think about using one of these so the separation is done for you  and she can recover without posing danger to the fry.

    Good luck!  ;)
  7. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    I went ahead and took her out of the net today, you should have seen her! she was like a "fish out of water" (forgive the pun) but she was so excited.... ;D The other fish were so happy to see her, she swam around like she had been gone, even though she could see every one, I know she is happier. I hope this helps deliver the fry, it has been such a long time now, I have been worried, but she seems fine and is eating well and swimming fine :D I'll keep you all posted on her update if the fry deliver! Thanks for all the advice!
  8. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    If you don't want to breed, why'd you buy a male? They say to keep livebearers in ratios of 1m to 2 f, but that's just if you want to breed. if you don't want to, then take back the male and get another female. If you have both genders of any livebearer, you will get babies.
  9. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    Like I said earlier omorrokh, I am new at this...I took the advice of the people at the aquarium store when we asked what we should get. We didn't go in there saying, "Hey, we want to breed fish, what can we buy?" I said, I want to get some good fish for my 3 year old, what do you recommend, they recommended these stating we should get 2 female and 1 male, I didn't even know they were live bearer fish until I got onto this website. Maybe I should have done more research your saying to yourself aren't am I. Thank you for the advice, I have already removed the male...BUT....the deed is done at this point isn't it? She still hasn't had her fry, I just wanted some friendly advice on what to expect...that is all
  10. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    Ok, sorry for being a little hard on you. I keep forgetting that people don't just automatically realize that you have to do a lot of research with fish. :-\ Well, I guess you've learned your lesson now. Research any fish before buying, and never trust someone at a fish store! ;)
    Anyway, even after removing the male, expect to have several batches of fry, since females can store sperm for a long time. I know this probably sounds mean, but if you don't want to raise all the fry, just do nothing, and a lot of them will get eaten. Expect some to survive. I figure that livebearers don't have much chance at a pet store anyway. A lot of livebearers are bought by people who know nothing about fish because they are cheap, small, and they are supposedly very hardy and can survive in tiny tanks/bowls. That is, if they don't get killed first by the store. If you do wish to raise the fry, though, i don't want to discourage you. Just make sure you give them to a locally owned fish store that takes good care of their fish.
    A little tip: don't try breeding again until you are very competent at keeping a variety of fish. ;)
  11. vinWell Known MemberMember

    A little harsh wouldn't you say???
  12. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    Harsh?  You think?  Thanks for noticing Vin!  But I did ask for advice, I didn't ask for people to be nice, just honest.  Although this website was to promote helping others, I'm not too sure that being so harsh has made me realize my mistakes.  I realized that prior to the insults. 
    First and foremost, I took advice from what I thought was a well known aquarium store.  We set up our tank, cycled it, and did all the necessary things that I "researched" prior to placing fish in the tank.  I wanted a "hardy" fish for my son.  Something that wouldn't die quickly, or require too much (or I would have got a dog).  I am not on this website to argue, I only wanted advice on my pregnant molly, or "research" as you would call it from people who have fish.  I assumed I could get that from this website, but you know what they say when you ASSUME.  It makes an .... anyway...

    A little tip:  when people ask for advice, and they truly mean it, and they truly sit down and type out words to get someone elses oppinion, maybe they are doing some research and not just blowing smoke.

    for those of you who have helped me in my research, I thank you.
  13. vinWell Known MemberMember

    I hear you loud and clear....I personally don't agree with the 'never trust the fish store' line as I've personally found two that you CAN trust......Everyone makes mistakes and when you come looking for advice (not lectures) you expect some help rather than the beat down.....

    Anyway, I know you're able to get a handle on it and as I'm sure you've noticed there are a lot of folks on here looking to give you good, sound advice.

    Good luck with your fish! I'm having a ball with ours!

  14. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    appreciate the help instead of the lecture and crude remarks, almost made me not want to come back to this site and try a new one...

    everyone is a rookie at some time, you don't become a novice overnight, give me time to learn for heavens sake...

    thanks again vinnie and keep those pitchers comin' ;D
  15. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    Aw darn it, I screwed up again... :-[
    I'm really sorry woodsplace1, I wasn't trying to insult you or make rude remarks or anything like that... :-\ We'll just say I'm not that great with people, sometimes things don't come out the way I mean them. I wasn't trying to lecture you or make crude remarks or anything like that, please don't be mad at me. I really wasn't trying to be mean or anything. I 'get it' with animals, but sometimes I just don't say the right thing with people. I hope you understand. I'm really sorry I made you not want to come back. I was just trying to give you some help, I never realized I sounded too harsh.
    You did the right thing to come here for some advice, I hope I haven't ruined it for you. I realize that you are new to this, and reading back on my posts they sound not very nice, which I didn't intend at all. :( I hope that you realize that I really am a nice person, I just slip up a lot when it comes to other people. I wish I was as good with human friends as I am with pets. I don't know what got into me, I guess I just wasn't thinking at the time. I never meant to word things so bad. I hope you understand, I am only human. I just feel so bad. :(
    And good luck with your new fishies! :)
  16. ParvathNew MemberMember

    Fishes do have a soothing effect :) dont they
  17. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    WOW, I was totally freaking out in that last post... :p Once again totally not like me. I guess being a teenager I am entitled to occasional random 'moments'. ;) Woodsplace1, you keep catching me on those moments when I left my brain in front of the fish tank but try to write stuff anyway. ::) I think you probably interpreted a lot of what I wrote differently than what I was trying to say. Like I never meant to say you weren't doing any research yourself, I was trying to criticise myself for sometimes expecting way to much out of people right away. Didn't quite come out that way. (Note to self: try reading what you write before posting it to see if it sounds right!! grrrrr...)Yeah, if I say anything dumb just ignore me. ::) I don't usually do it typing, usually just trying to talk to people, but whatever.
    Enough of this dumb chit-chat, let's just forget this. Be sure to keep us posted on how your fish are doing!