Molly fry- with a blue eye?!?


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My mollies Finley and Julius (gold & gold/black) had like 20 kids a week ago, they're in baby jail now. I took them all out of jail and into this shallow tupperware during a water change to get a real good look at them all- I found a bunch of cool patterns when you look close! (little heart head stamp, almost all-orange, all-black, freckles, etc) They're all orange and black spotted.
I found one with a blue eye! One side has a half-black, half-blue eye and the other the entire eyeball is blue. The fish seems to have good vision- it's just as big as the others, it behaves just the same as everyone else. Seems totally fine. Obviously I've never seen anything like this, the parents are normal-eyed.
I'll give most of the babies to a pet store but I think this one might be a keeper! Anyone have experience with blue-eyed mollies? (and not the Irish folk song, thanks internet)

Also, the picture shows him next to some bigger looking ones but those specific fry are like the chunkiest, blue-eye lad is average. The half-blue eye is most visible in the pic, full blue eye is on the other side.

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