Molly fry tank has ich! Help!

That is true, if you can afford a chameleon then a light shouldnt be too much of a problem either hahaha. But if your airpump has 2 valves then you can use it for the filter and as a little bubble if its strong enough to support both of them.
the pump just have the one outlet hole thing (i'm new to air pumps....) but there's a ton of extra tubing and the air stones came in a pack of two and so I bought a little T connecter and a check valve back when I got it (ended up using just one air stone for my snail bucket). its rated for a 10 gallon aquarium so idk.
also, thoughts on adding shrimp while fry are still in there? probably just cherries or something.
If you have the T connector and the pump can support both of them efficiently, then everything should go smoothly.
As per the shrimp, I think it should be safe to put some cherries in there. The shrimp should leave the fry alone for the most part. You should keep an eye on them as the baby shrimp, once they breed, can get eaten by the guppies once theyre big enough.
I would leave the temperature like that for 2-3 more days just to be safe. After that you can start to bring the temperature down a degree or 2 every hour or so, until its back to normal temperature.
okay. also, so I rinsed out my brine shrimp tank and I can't seem to get all the eggs/shrimp/idk what else off. i'm wiping and wiping and its just everywhere. is it a big deal if they get in the water? the fry would just eat them, right? and I'll probably wait until they can be off the 84F water before I move them since I only have the one adjustable heater so I can't get both tanks to 84. I guess I could get the new tank to 78-80 and then move the adjustable heater over with the fry but still.
will either of the heaters have any bacteria on them to help get the new tank cycled faster? if I didn't have so many plants in my 38 I would just use that sand and replace it but I doubt I can make it happen.
I'm not too sure about the shrimp eggs, never had any before. But yea I would wait until you start to bring the temperature down before moving them into the 10 gallon.
I'm not too sure about the shrimp eggs, never had any before. But yea I would wait until you start to bring the temperature down before moving them into the 10 gallon.
that will give it time to cycle, anyways.
does the amount of sand I use from my established tank make a difference? like, what if I only use a scoop of the bacteria rich sand and the rest is new? I don't really want to use any decorations from the other tank (5.5 or 38) because of snail transfer. and also I don't want to brown algae from the 5.5 to spread over to my new 10.
uhh.... so I was getting the old heater out of the 5.5 (I had just left it in there haha) and one of the fry is missing.... there were four yesterday and now only three! I can't find a dead body anywhere, either.
good news! I was trying to catch my stupid glolights and I got one and moved it to the cycling 10 gallon (I hate those stupid things now so whatever) and I noticed one little fry in the breeder net! my platy is about to/dropping her fry now! so I turned off the tank light and left to give her privacy. This means I need to get that fry tank cycled ASAP because I am not putting the new babies in that 5.5 death trap.
I switched out the adjustable heater for the normal one since they were back to 78F water, and over night the temp dropped to 70. I have no idea what happened.

mollies are out of the 5.5 and in the 10 gallon with a week old platy fry. I had two glolights and some anacharis temporarily in the 5.5 (so I could just scoop them out easily) and put them in the 55, and within a few hours started seeing ich on one of the fish in there! so i'm assuming my 5.5 still has ich in the water, and I need to get my betta moved in there. do I need to drain the whole tank? replace the substrate (which I might do anyways, or just put sand on top)? new filter media? etc. I had to put the adjustable heater in the 10 gallon so that way I could keep the temp at 80 (I like it warmer for fry), but I did buy another 50w adjustable today to either put in my 2.5 betta tank, or this 5.5 (i'm thinking the 5.5)
can I put my betta in there tonight, along with the adjustable heater and crank it up to 86? I think the water temp will rise slow enough to be an "acclimation" for the betta, but maybe I should just leave the adjustable set to 78, the current temp, and put the betta in and raise it over a few days. my only issue with that is he may get ich. I know it'll get treated when I heat the tank, but I don't want him to have ich, too! the mollies haven't brought ich over to the 10g, so i'm not sure what's up with that. man, ich is annoying!
I know the feeling of constantly dealing with ich, I had it in my 55 like 2-3 times. All I did to get rid of it was crank the heat up to 86 and leave it like that for a week or 2. The longer you leave it, the better I'm assuming. The heat completely killed the ich and I haven't had it in while now.

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