Molly fry serious disease on head ?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by abhijeeteaplayer, Dec 2, 2012.

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    abhijeeteaplayer New Member Member

    Hello every one...

    i have around 20 molly fry..but some of them died due to unknown reason..
    Please suggest reason for it & its solution (if possible)

    Every died fry have sumthing white on head(something like ball of flower horn head)...wat is it ?

    and suggest some tips...Be quick so i can treat them

    regards Ajr..
  2. Y

    Yeoy Well Known Member Member


    With most batches of fry, some don't survive (as in nature) because they are not as strong or healthy.

    With white spots it could be ich. Photos or description of the white dot could help. Was it fuzzy/fluffy or smooth?
  3. OP

    abhijeeteaplayer New Member Member

    I know about ICH...and have some working knowledge of it...
    but with my fish fries there is another problem...on their head white ball like thing appear after death...
  4. Y

    Yeoy Well Known Member Member

    Hopefully someone else will know. It could be a fungus but I have never experienced it.

    Just be careful with treatments, as fry can usually not handle the full adult dosage of medicine.
  5. OP

    abhijeeteaplayer New Member Member

    Well...thanx.for ur response..and yes till i get answer i'll study about fungus..because i hav no idea of it...
  6. aquatic

    aquatic Valued Member Member

    How long after death is the white ball appearing? And in relation to the size of the fry, about how big is the ball?

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