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I recently started converting my 75 gal to brackish. I have two violet goby and 5 Molly with 3 tiger Nerites, 2 zebra nerites and 1 black mystery.

Two of Mollies have dropped fry within about a week of each other. So I have tons of babies. My breeder tank is way too small to house them long-term.

So here’s my question.... without having to go out and purchase a whole new set up (tank, filter, heater, etc). What are my options? I have a 1 gal betta tank that is not in use at the moment. It has a filter and lights, no heater. My concern with that is the water getting too cold as my tank is in the basement and it’s always cold. I’ve been unable to find a tank divider large enough for my tank, but I’m currently browsing the internet for one.

Does anyone have experience with this situation or have any suggestions or ideas. All are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

3 female Mollies- 2 large 1 medium.
1 male Mollie - small
2 Violet Goby - about 6-7” long


If you haven't removed them and there isn't any good hiding spots (plants, decoratoins, etc.), they'll likely get eaten. Easy way to make sure you don't have too many. Unless they are a speciality morph, most stores won't take them from you.


Since it's being converted to brackish, either or not, yeah I'd keep 'em where they are, and provide them with some plastic plants for addtional security and cover for a few months or so. Usually if healthy and well, after about 2-3 months, they'll likely to have grown too large to get preyed upon. And just how many fry do you estimate you have anyway?
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I have 12 from the first birth and 15 from the second. I removed them all as soon as I saw them (I scan my tank twice a day to make sure everyone’s ok) and put them into a floating breeder box with anacharis, inside my tank. I’m going to purchase some hornwort for them to hide in. My concern is for the 5-6 adventurous ones who like to explore rather than hide in their current plants. I have tons of hiding spots for them, so I hope they do well.

seth rodgers

the same thing happened to me and I was totally unprepared. I put them into a 5 gallon as I only had 15 fry and after a month moved them to a 10 gallon. that is probably your best option if you really want them to live. if you do but you don't want to keep them all, let them live in the 75 gal and make plenty of hiding spots and or plants for protection. After a month or two you should see them more frequently as they will be big enough to venture out without being eaten.

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