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  1. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Please use this topic to post your molly photos. I'll leave it stickied so it appears at the top of the posts.



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  2. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    This is my serial rapist male dalmatian sailfin. He never leaves the ladies alone. I guess it's just his nature, but what a pain! Oh, and for some reason he doesn't feed at the surface. He just waits for what little uneaten food there is at the bottom.

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  3. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    This is my mystery male. After posting him on the ID section of Fishlore, opinions are that there is the following molly types in him: swordtail, common, albino and sailfin. He's a little subdued by the other male, but starting to have his way with the ladies too. P.S. He was sold to me as a female platy!!!

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  4. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    This one's my absolute favorite. She's a female dalmatian balloon molly. She has the best temperament ever. She is really socialized to humans and is always the first one to check out what's happening outside of the tank. Adorable. Impossible to take pictures of other fish because she's always the first to swim up to me against the glass.

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  5. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    OK, she's the mother of fry I've just had. She's been poorly lately, but is on the mend thankfully. She's huuuge and even bullies the males when it comes to food.

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  6. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks. I had to stop because my boss came in. Here's more! Here's one of my favorite pictures: my males crossing path.

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  7. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    Here is one of the fry (we've got 13 in a nursery tank). He's hiding between the two huge marbles at the front.

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  8. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    And here's another fry. The loooove that plant.

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  9. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    And here's my fat lady gorging herself on zucchini with my pleco. I'll try to film them when they eat pea. It's hilarious!

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  10. Sabi Well Known Member Member

    Heres my balloon molly... I'm not sure what type she is. She has yellow streaks running along her sides and yellow spots on her top (dorsal?) fin.

    11.jpg 12.jpg
  11. ABiondi Member Member

    - Duh, forgot to attach the pics..


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  12. ABiondi Member Member

    - Here's a couple of the fry. These fry were from my previous Dalmation Molly, whom we got pregnant and didn't know it. Unfortunately she died halfway through birth leaving us with 9 living fry. . . They are growing along nicely and they are so used to me they swim to my fingers if i'm "in" the tank for any reason.


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  13. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    I was looking at the whilte lyretail again and she's gorgeous.

    Here's my 2 newest finned companions: meet my white and pale orange female mollies. They live in a 72L with the dalmatian male.

    The white one has the greatest personality. She follows me around and eats from my hand. She's not the brightest bulb in the pack, though. She keeps eating gravel, then spitting it out. Duh!

    The orange one is a right so and so with food. She'll attack the other fish if they get anywhere near the surface at feeding time. Seems to be an orange molly trait in my tanks! Oh, and I could only get a picture of the orange on 'in action' as my male doesn't seem to want to leave her alone... Prudes, avert your eyes!

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  14. Mollygurl Member Member

    this is my now dead blk female molly

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  15. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    Here's some more molly pictures:

    1/ Fry checking out the temperature
    2/ Male sailfin doing what he's best at
    3/ Ginger male checking out his new tank mate

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  16. Mollygurl Member Member

    french frys!!!LOL! ;D
    1)my male
    2)all three remaining mollies
    3)one of my little females

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  17. Mollygurl Member Member


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  18. voiceless_kat Well Known Member Member

    These pics are posted to try to determine sex of all. I am having a lot of aggression from the little white mollies against the dalmation in particular. :;smack Alth9ugh the white one will also take after the big black sailfin sometimes too. I am not sure if this is play or what,:;juan but the dalmation and the small white pearl molly really get into it, with a lot of posturing, grabbing each others top fin etc. However, there are no signs of injury, no bites, rips or tears.

    The best pics I took were too large to send, so hoping Chief Water Changer can cast some light on this predicament.

    They truly all look like males to me....:rolleyes:

    I think I just got 2 pearl mollies who are too big for their britches -;) the four sailfins are three times their size.

    Sailfins are Black - alpha fish
    Marble & Gold.

    Thanks, Val:;pumpkin

    Please post your answers to this in as text-only entries will be deleted from the gallery.


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  19. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    Here's my neurotic male. He's really nice to me, and totally anti-social with the other fish. Caught him mid-pout.

    He's in the shot with two pygmy corys.

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  20. armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    OK, this is what happens when you put food in the little amphoras.

    So first he does a practice eating face, then a careful sniff, then half the face ends up in the pot.

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