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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by aryaman, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. aryaman

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    i really want to breed my molly, ive been trying for a while and none of them are showing any signs of being pregnant, i have 3 males and 5 females. i have other fish in the tank like parrots and sharks. i really really really really want to breed them. i know the fry will be eaten so once they get pregnant i have a small setup i will move them to, to give birth
  2. FatTony

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    sometimes i find that it can be hard to tell if a molly or any other livebaring fish is pregnant because they might not get very big. chances are they have given birth but the fry have gone unoticed and then just died or got eaten. however you might need to wait for an expert because i dont keep mollys currently and when i have they all died within months.
  3. chrisb01

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    Mollies like a little salt in the water. That could be a factor.
    I tend to agree with FatTony, they have probably already given birth, but the Sharks and Parrots were right behind them.

    Why don't you separate a pair or trio in the set up you have ready? Never know, you might see some results.
  4. guster730

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    I have mollies and they tend to give birth in the middle of the night and I can't find any fry. You have to pay close attention to their size as the females are already quite round. You should also look at their gravid spot, as it usually darkens when they're going to give birth. If you want to save the fry you'll have to use a breeding net or one that has 2 sections where the fry drop and are separated from the mother, because she'll eat them. And yes, add one tablespoon of aquarium salt per 10 gallons. Lately I just leave them alone and if I find fry I find fry. Last time I put my female in the breeding net she aborted the pregnancy and just dropped what appeared to be eggs. You should move the pregnant female to your small setup as close to the birth as possible to avoid stress.
  5. Borngemini

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    What is your water temp, ph and conditions like? It could be that they're just not happy BUT they breed like mad so it could be a chance you've missed them
  6. fishlover123456

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    it is easy as long as you have a male and some females males have a sword like thing coming out of their analfin