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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by funchi777, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. funchi777New MemberMember

    hi, i just bought 2 black mollies and a spotted one the store called a balloon molly. one black molly has already became the "alpha" the other hides from him. the alpha is constantly at the balloons anus, he seems to get a "free lunch" is he also waiting for babies to eat? is this common?
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    Hello fun...

    Mollies are territorial. If you want to keep the aggression to a minimum, you'll need to plant the surface of the tank very well. Dwarf water lettuce, Anacharis, Water sprite and Hornwort are all fast growing and will provide hiding places for the bullied fish. It will also provide cover for the fry. When livebearing fish are born, they immediately swim to the surface for oxygen. You'll need to keep the tank water especially clean. Mollies are very sensitive to traces of nitrogen from dissolving fish waste in their water. I'd get in the habit of removing and replacing as much a 75 percent of the water weekly, no excuses.

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    Im willing to bet the balloon molly is a female and the alpha is a male, thats prob why its constantly at her bum, trying to mate. I have one molly, female, who is the biggest bully so i moved the other 2. Now she lives with 3 platies and a betta and is well behaved
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    thanks so much for the molly info, since the male is so busy he will probably eat the babies before i even see them.